Gegege no Kitaro : Menace! Kagami Jijii’s Plot

Episode 8

“Kyōi! Kagami-jijī no Keiryaku” (驚異!鏡じじいの計略)

Another Yokai for Kitaro to stop. Who is it this week?

Why is it that Mana can’t just be in a episode without usually having something bad happen to her? I mean sure there have been one or two but usually she shows up and is in the middle of all the trouble which gives credit to what Kitaro has said all along.

This time after helping to clean a old couples home with her class Mana and two boys knock over a tombstone. For most of the episode you think something is stalking them in the mirrors, when Mana gets taken into the mirror world we learn about Kagami Jijii and instantly think he’s up to something.

What I didn’t really get seeing when we saw him he was just like a pervy old guy.

It turns out that he was saving Mana from a Gashadokuro, a gigantic skeleton that woke up when they knocked the tombstone over and was absolutely pissed at them.

You could work out something else was happening quite soon after being placed into the mirror world but I wasn’t expecting the giant skeleton if I’m honest. It was a good fight too and nice to see a different selection of Yokai as Kitaro is accompanied by Sand Witch and Cat Girl.

Kagami Jijii was hilarious and I love the fact that he is just a perv that pervs on people in mirrors, like Cry Baby was friends with him so it didn’t really surprise me. I kind of hope he comes back for a few more episodes to help out as them two make a good double act. Also I’ve always loved anything or anyone with the power over mirrors, its just a fun thing to think about a world inside of your mirror.

I mean mirrors have always fascinated humans I guess. The whole Bloody Mary/Candyman stuff as kids and then you have things like Alice through the Looking Glass and the rest of them. The idea that a whole world could exist behind it or something could come out of it is just fascinating.

As for the episode I liked the fact it put you off guard with Kagami Jijii first and then explained that he was just trying to help. It was a nice touch.


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