Caligula : When you’re in a desperate situation, it’s all the more important to keep smiling

Episode 7

“Zetsubō-teki na jōkyō de aru toki koso, egao o tataeru koto ga hitsuyō da.” (絶望的な状況である時こそ、笑顔をたたえることが必要だ。)

You might have guessed that I just didn’t like this series much and gave up on it. We then remembered we promised that we’d finish everything we started this year so I had to go back and binge watch the end of this absolute pile of rubbish anime.

Just over the half way mark and they decide to throw a curve ball.

I hated the episode as I’ve hated most of the series. Nothing is ever linear and whilst they get away in this episode by saying its been months since the last episode that doesn’t mean it deserves to be given slack for once again just completely changing the tone and pace of the series.

We’re now just living the life of a group of school kids in the Go-Home Club. They are enjoying a hot pot together just not all the members are actually together and the big idiot keeps running off to do the Rescue Man stuff which was meant to be funny but just annoyed me.

So the Musicians are lying low waiting for a building to be complete that they have no control over because NPC’s are building it.

What a group of bad guys hey?

Then there is a pretty cool moment with the main character that I had no idea what was really happening because I had started to write this and missed why the anime had suddenly turned into something that looked like a kid drew it, not surprised that μ showed up but at the same time I just didn’t care. Now μ seems to be confused and begging Ritsu what to do.

It just lost me again.

What am I meant to think or say?

It was pointless disjointed, somehow we’re meant to just believe that Ritsu is now able to spout logical nonsense at someone who is technically his enemy.

The rest are just hanging out enjoying life.

It is complete and absolute bullshit.

What we did get though was a bit of Ritsu’s backstory. It didn’t do much. Still hated everything about it.

I just want one episode to actually connect to the other and not be a disjointed pile of crap.


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