CPW : Go BIG, or Go Home

So I went to my second CPW show of the year, I said in the 5 Things… blog that they kind of made it so I don’t want to miss a single one of their show and this one really was a must see show.

Unfortunately I had the beginnings of a cold on Saturday and since then have just got slowly worse so the review took longer and to be pretty honest is pretty all over the place. So I apologise for that.


So we met a group later christened as The Purge, Alice’s new group of bad asses that are going to help make sure that Jones stays as champion and Alice stays on top of the war within the Speller household.

Alice makes a great bad guy and is a amazing mouth piece for a group that doesn’t really need it now it has Jones AND the UK Dominator in it, I mean those two are two of the absolute best as it is but Alice does such a good job. Its a story you get invested in whichever side of it you are on and giving the story that little bit of time before the show starts like they did in the last show to let it grow and now even introducing more people into it is just enthralling.

Hoping Terry actually tries to fight back by bringing together a group himself. I kind of hope that is where it goes down the line. Obviously Mad Dog will end up being one of them if his story with the UK Dominator continues but it could end in fantastic fashion and you want to keep up to date with what is happening.

Winners : CCK

Was the match I was looking forward to the most, big fan of CCK and love Harding and Harrison who made a strange duo that I didn’t think would work but actually worked really well. Their styles are so different from CCK that it was hard to see what way the match would go but it was actually a lot faster then I thought it would be.

Good match to start the night off with even if it wasn’t the most flashy of matches, all the guys got a good look into it and I loved the double Octopus Stretch from CCK. Some really fantastic tag work from Harrison and Harding keeping their opponents in their corner.

If anything just bringing out Harding and Harrison first with Rocking All Over the World playing and the glowsticks being thrown to the crowd made the night start on a positive. You can’t help but get behind the two of them and CCK played to that by being slightly meaner and Brookes being his usual standoffish self whilst not actually being the bad guy. Also the fight of whoever could scream Brainbuster and actually hit one first when it came to Lykos and Harding. My favourite match of the night just because I loved all the guys in it and thought it was good fun.

Winners : UK Dominator

I didn’t like the match much and whilst it wasn’t a bad match I think it just was a little too one sided for me.

Don’t get me wrong I get it. I just felt like the extra person at ringside with Vixxen was played up too much and Mad Dog didn’t feel like he got any offence in at all which made it difficult to watch because it was just a beat down really. Like it never looked like Mad Dog was going to do anything and whilst it was interesting to see some of the stuff that Dom was bringing out, because it wasn’t all just smacking Mad Dog with the nearest weapon, it just became very repetitive too.

It worked though story wise because it made Dom look like the biggest ass hole in the universe and you just hate him right now. It wasn’t a nice match to get that point across but I guess it didn’t have to be.

As I said it wasn’t a bad match just personally it felt too long for what it ended up being then when Vixxen was taken out there wasn’t much left to the match and I completely missed what happened to make Mad Dog lose.

Winner : Doug Williams

Didn’t hear the last of not liking Jason Kings match at REACH, miserable little bugger he is wouldn’t let me or Karla know the end of it. Thankfully I can report this match was much better because it was balanced and the comedy didn’t outweigh everything else even though Doug Williams himself can play the cocky, funny bad guy himself pretty well.

Even if Doug sustained a cut across his nose extremely early on and spent a lot of the time trying to wipe the blood away from his face the match was still technically one of the best of the night. Much more slower paced then you might be used to with Jason King who can turn the pace up pretty high whilst not running around the ring like a mad man jumping off of things. It was played to William’s pace.

Fantastic match. One reason is its the best kind of Doug Williams match right now where he kind of comes up against one of the new generation versions of him. He’s able to out bad guy Jason King, out smart most of what he does, because Doug probably was doing it when King was still in school. Williams has looked like he’s found a new stride recently which has made his matches so interesting to watch and whilst this one was marred by the bloody nose a little bit it was still packed with great moments.

After his loss Jason chucked his knee pads or whatever in the ring and announced he was done and left. What that means for Jason in CPW we’ll have to wait and see.

Winner : Mark Haskins

To be honest… the more I think about it the more obvious it is that this was always going to be the match of the night. I mean the talent in this match speaks for itself and I said in the 5 Things… blog that if anyone at IPW can watch this match and not want Dick Riley instantly on their show then they obviously weren’t watching it close enough.

All three of them were just in perfect sync and it helps that Ryan and Riley know each other so well because when left to their own devices you got one hell of a match on its own merits. Haskins is one of my favourite wrestlers to watch because he’s like a little dog just attacking people out of nowhere and his speed and ability to just randomly show up and knock people over gave the match such a fast and unpredictable feel to it that the match felt like it lasted mere minutes and left you wanting much more.

The slingshot into a Canadian Destroyer by the way pretty much was the coolest thing ever and I keep saying that Dick Riley should be signed up instantly to IPW but so should Ryan. I mean the guy is a completely different wrestler now then he was two years ago and his incorporated some really interesting moves that you just wouldn’t imagine he’d be able to pull off into his arsenal and its given his matches such a different feel to them.

Winner : Adam Flint

Well kinda… It was a Number One contenders match more then a MITB match.

There was one huge moment in this match when the little dude Venom jumped off the balcony onto the other three guys, there was one story that REACH nearly did last week and which I feel is going to be Adam Flint all over and that is the small underdog taking on much bigger foes and defeating them and then there was the absolute highlight of the night which is Grayson Reeves gob.

He is so much better as a bad guy then a good guy his change in ring gear too makes him look much bigger then I thought he was… He might have always been that big but I honestly felt we saw a much different side to him, not his gob he’s always been a big mouth, in the ring which I preferred to everything else I’ve ever seen him do.

I enjoyed the match, I like that Flint won but it was the weakest match by far and after Reeves was eliminated I kind of lost all interest in it. As I said the jump off the balcony was about the only moment that stands out. Felt like it was the wrong final two, after Grayson announced he wouldn’t be beaten by someone the size of Flint I would have liked to see it come down to them two, see Baine eliminated earlier then Reeves was and had a much more underdogish finish to the match. Felt too long.

Winner : PJ Jones

Triple Threat matches are one of my worst nightmares because they can either be really good or feel really off. They had two on this show and both were great. THIS one was great for the absolute opposite reason the other one was, I mean it had its wrestling moments but whilst Riley, Ryan and Haskins put on a masterclass of wrestling these guys came out to beat the hell out of each other with chairs, footballs, staple guns and bats covered in barbed wire.

It wasn’t the best kind of Hardcore match, Havoc had been hurt the night before and he didn’t look his normal self whilst Bram didn’t… Actually do anything now I think about it. I mean he was always there, he was the biggest guy in the match, but I struggle to think of much that he did that wasn’t just spitting drink in people’s faces and trying to actually wrestle them. PJ Jones was obviously the major victim in most of the shenanigans being the champion AND the gobby one.

In other words if you like wrestling matches Riley/Ryan/Haskins is the match for you, if you like chaos and personalities shining through this is your match.

The Purge came out to insure that PJ would win with Havoc being led to the backstage area and Alice distracting Bram. It was a great match, perfect way to end the night and I loved that PJ dropped the belt on the floor when he went to pose with it and had to scream at Alice to pick it up for him. Like he didn’t miss a beat, I would believe he had done it on purpose he reacted so well to it.


If I’m honest I can’t remember much about the night because I had a horrible cold which has only just got worse and its now Tuesday so I’ve tried.

I still can’t believe Chris Brookes is a real human, Jimmy Havoc is just as cool in real life as he is on my TV, Kid Lykos is a absolute babe and Grayson Reeves hair is still the coolest hair in the world.

CPW are so good right now that you just have to go and see them whenever you can, you’ll become obsessed with the stories and characters and will count down the days till the next show.

Don’t really have anything else to add as I’m just too ill.

Match of the night was Riley/Ryan/Haskins, moment of the night was probably the jump off the balcony, special props go to Reeves gob, if he carries on like this then he’s going to be the must see of any show he’s on, Riley was still probably the best part of the night and I’m not just saying that because he sat on my lap. CCK are the coolest tag team, love the Best Boys even more now, Adam Flint is gonna be huge if the companies down here keep working on him away from Jason King, the dude has so much talent.

Also Jago was at ringside all night, probably got the loudest cheers all night and he didn’t do anything. Great to see him there though.

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