Week 29 : Is Patriotism Irrational?

A hell of a lot of things are done in the name of Patriotism. Both Trump as president and Brexit, two of the worst political moments of our life time, seems to have stemmed from some sort of weird irrational patriotism.

That being said being Patriot is not exactly irrational.

In fact I think it is the opposite.

Irrational means it isn’t logical, Patriotism is purely support of your country. Of course people will say that Patriotism is much more then just supporting your country and that is where the irrational debate comes in but at its heart just being proud of your country is what a Patriot is and that isn’t irrational.

I am proud of my country even if I know it is flawed. I feel I can be Patriotic and believe my country is the best in the world even when I know that it has its fair share of problems, I want my country to do better and just turning my back on it isn’t going to help. Where I come from is a pile of shit true but its my pile of shit, it was the pile of shit that created me and made me the man I am and its the pile of shit that I hope to always be part of. I’m proud of my national teams, I’m proud of a lot of the positive things we do and whilst the negatives sometimes seems to out weigh the positive I feel to truly be Patriotic you have to be able to in your heart love your country and want it to do better.

Are there irrational idiots?

There are irrational idiots in every walk of life. People so anti-Patriotism that the thought of mingling with someone who would say they were Patriotic is irrational. Like I say I’m Patriotic but I’m not going to lie and say my country is perfect, I’m not being irrational, someone then not wanting to have a conversation with me or labeling me because of a vocal minority or a negative influence that uses the word IS being irrational.

Being proud of your country isn’t irrational. Loving your country isn’t irrational.

Do people do stupid things in the name of Patriotism?


They also do it in the name of just about anything. Why do you think there are so many people that can turn anything into a negative?

Because idiots will say things under the name of whatever and people then irrationally stick that view with that word. So words become dirty. Not that I’m comparing the meaning behind it but you see it a lot with Feminism. People hear a woman with a very strong anti-male agenda talking in the name of Feminism and that is it for some people THAT is what Feminism is instead of what the word actually means. People see Trump supporters banding together going on about being Patriotic and think anyone who says that they are Patriotic are Trump supporters who want a wall around Mexico and anyone we don’t like thrown out. I pick Feminism because its the one I see the most used with the whole Feminazi stuff being the perfect example of a word that describes something being taken and dirtied by a minorities view point and then everyone being tarred with it.

I think putting too much into certain words is irrational. I think having a closed mind and not realising that some idiots are just idiots and not everyone is going to be the stereotype you’ve created based on a idiot minority is irrational.

Me loving my country, yet being able to talk about its flaws, is not.

Or at least that is how I feel based on how I use the word as I know some people use it to describe the complete nut jobs. I was always lead to believe it just meant you had a deep love for your country which seeing you are usually born and raised there would seem like the least irrational thing in the world to feel.


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