5 Things… CPW Go BIG, or Go Home

I don’t care if people don’t like these but I am loving doing them for wrestling so here are a 5 Things for the CPW show in Bodmin featuring Jimmy Havoc, CCK and Mark Haskins.

Chris Brookes is real and that deserves a place in any list…

So you might know if you read any of my DEFIANT reviews that I absolutely love Chris Brookes. Since I first saw him I’ve just been a huge fan. To be honest I’m writing this here so I can get the fangirling out of the way away from the review and try and focus in the review but that might not go very far.


Honestly he’s just so tall and so thin and so Chris Brookes like. I completely failed as a human being the moment I saw him. Honestly I love him and Jimmy Havoc but I have no problems believing that Jimmy Havoc is real whilst I still don’t actually believe I was watching a actual human being in the ring.


Kinda wish I hadn’t noped out of having a photo taken with him.

The CPW Girls

You don’t get to see many women matches down this way if I’m honest, its always been something I’ve been kind of on the line about. CPW make me happy though because two of the most important people on their shows are female, they are both bad guys too but they play their parts well.

Alice Speller and Vixxen are just amazing at what they do. Causing havoc, getting involved in matches and just genuinely being a pain in Terry’s or their respective wrestlers opponents ass. They heightened every part of the night they were involved in, I am absolutely jealous of Alice for being able to run in the shoes she was wearing AND prevent a wardrobe malfunction, Vixxen got more offence in during the hardcore match then Mad Dog did… The two of them are so important in the shows and whilst it would be nice to maybe have a good female in the future to scupper at least Vixxen at the moment its nice to just see them creating chaos and pissing everyone off.

Disappointing Endings…

Mad Dog vs Dom was a match I was looking forward too. REALLY looking forward too.

Was a alright match, totally one sided which stunted any story telling if I’m honest. Like I get that its the vet taking down the young dog but it started out at Bodmin Jail with Dom being pissed he hadn’t been booked and Clay coming out to stop him from beating the ever living shit out of someone, turned into a “don’t come playing in my yard” kinda thing and then just made Clay look real weak.

SURE he had a disadvantage at ring side but even when Vixxen was gone it was kind of a blink and miss it finish to the match straight after. It was impressive stuff from Dom but it was difficult to watch and that’s kind of it. Who really wants to see Mad Dog vs Dom again when Mad Dog was handed his ass really?


IPW said they were gonna keep a eye on the match to see just how well Riley and Ryan were up against their champion. It was the match of the night for me if I’m honest and if anyone can watch a Dick Riley match and not think he belongs in their company then their company is shit.

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

The West Country Lads

BEFORE I get shit from know it alls I know they aren’t all from the West Country that isn’t the point I’m making. Guys like Mad Dog, Eddie Ryan, Dick Riley, Jason King, Grayson Reeves, John Harding, Blake Harrison, PJ Jones and Adam Flint are the backbone of West Country wrestling though. I’ve been going to shows down here for 2/3 years and I see at least a good selection of them at EVERY show.

They must meet hundreds of people, Riley and Ryan even more so because they are booked in so many places, yet they have a way to make it feel like they know every single fan down here personally. They remember names, stories and interact with everyone on a personal level that they really don’t have too. My mum always rolls her eyes when I “waste” my money on a meet and greet because I don’t really keep the posters with the signatures and some times don’t even bother taking selfies (I hate my face so take less of them all the time) but its just nice seeing them and being able to, sometimes when I’m not anxious or crying or trying not to blurt out my ever dying love of PJ Jones or Grayson Reeves hair, thank them personally.

Plus… I’d have never got to see whatever the hell it was that Jason King had on his feet last night. That was worth the price of the meet and greet alone. I mean his match wasn’t shit this week but his footwear really was.


Why is this out before the review?

Its out before the review because this idiot went to Looe for the day instead of doing the review and has to be up at 3am to get ready for work, a shift that I agreed to do because I love my work bestie and he deserves his holiday. I thought I’d do at least something tonight though so this was it.

As long as I don’t die, and I do have a bad cold at the moment, after work tomorrow I will work on it then. I’ll possibly have some photos up on the Facebook page tonight as I’m just going to start going through them now and will upload them when they’ve been sorted.

Review will be tomorrow. I’ve only given away two matches so there is a whole bunch more to talk about. What I will say is that REACH want to look at how CPW does things and learn from their structure. One thing that Pride and PWA always failed at was telling stories that made people want to go to the next show and the Spellers make their shows unmissable. It isn’t all about bringing in brilliant matches its about making people get attached to your product and CPW by far are the best at it. I’ve been to two shows and if they were the show on October 7th that I’m gonna miss because I’ll be on a plane back from Benidorm I’d be rearranging my holiday for their show. I might not be able to go to all of them but I’m gonna try because I’m invested in their characters and stories plus know that 90% of the wrestling is gonna be top class too. Great all round show. Technically a 6th point so you have one for free.

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