Persona 5 : Dreams and Desires

Episode 13

Kaneshiro is now over and done with so its time for a bonding episode.

Bonding, not bondage as Anne and Makoto’s gear might lead you to believe.

It was such a good episode I’m half upset that this isn’t just a detective thing with Akechi and the gang because it was such a brilliant episode compared to pretty much anything regarding the actual main storyline.

I don’t really know what Akechi is up to, well I do he’s after the Phantom Thieves and because he’s just that good seems to have figured it out, but I don’t get what his angle is. After all we saw at the end of one episode him cornering them all but if he figures it out and corners them then he can’t be the one that tells the police about him. With someone else in the Metaverse I’m pretty sure the guy that Ren has a problem with, being a big wig, knows about it and is in there too and that will be how they are caught.

Yusuke’s story was pretty sweet though.

Liked that he had run out of inspiration so used Mementos to find it, the entire thing with Kawanabe that then intertwined with Akechi was good as well.

All throughout the most impressive thing was that Ren had personality, like he interacted with people and was interesting. Why can’t they do that al the time?

I think it goes back to it becoming very crowded too.

The game can deal with that crowdedness and you can pick which members of the team you really want to interact and get to know and which ones can just hide in the background. You can’t do that in the anime because all the characters are front and centre and whilst one of the four episodes will always be dedicated I guess to the Confident storyline of a character its why the rest of the story is being sold short.

Which makes episodes like this really hard to watch because you know there is a decent storyline there, interesting characters and a lot to learn about everyone and everything but then it just rushed the next three episodes and it feels like you should just miss the majority of the show, the majority of the main story, and just stick with the bonding episodes to make a sweet little slice of life about a bunch of teenagers that have been left on the outside of society and come together to try and right the worlds wrongs.

Like that would have been better without all the Metaverse stuff because they just aren’t doing the story justice.

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