Gegege No Kitaro : The Misfortune of Sunekosuri

Episode 6

“Yaku’un no Sune Kosuri” (厄運のすねこすり)

Another venture into the world of Yokai with Kitaro and co.

This episode was pretty sad. Sunekosuri was a cat like Yokai that didn’t realise that it was sucking the life out of the humans around it. It was lonely and it found lonely people and was killing them by complete accident.

When we meet the old woman who is looking after it we feel bad for her because her son is a ungrateful dick and obviously she’d turn to a cat that was showing her love to make up for losing her family and being on her own. Problem is neither of them realised that she was dying because of it, the son only actually called Kitaro because the cat attacked him after the son just showed back up at her house and was thrown out for being terrible.

It was really sad, plus there was just no way that the cat could go on being around the old woman. The fact that he tried attacking people and acting bad as soon as he realised what he’d been doing was heartbreaking and then the fact the old woman had to go live with her son….

I mean the son showed that he cared about his mum in the end by trying to save her from the cat, the theatrics to make the son look like a hero was beautiful but anyone who had been watching the show would see the son and be like “a little too late mate” and just feel bad that the poor old lady lost yet another person she loved in her life and was stuck with someone who just had proved time and time again he didn’t really care.

Kitaro was accompanied all episode by Rat Man which was hilarious as well.

Overall though it was just sad.


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