5 Things… REACH Wrestling Episode 1

So if you don’t know when I’ve finally sorted my hours at work out, which hopefully is next week, we’re using our 5 Things… structure to review WWE once more but we also along with proper reviews will be doing it for British wrestling too.

I didn’t really look out for 5 things this time out so its what it is. Or something.

Big Country… Big Trouble…

So we were told by Lewis at BLW that Josh Knott was christened Big Country by Gangrel who said something along the lines of “he ain’t big he’s country big” unfortunately for Josh his new cowboy get up, according to my mum at least, is more Worzel Gummidge then something to be feared.

His snazzy hat is not what made the list though.

No. In fact it was just nice to see Josh Knott back and looking focused. He might now be a country lad but he’s still the smart ass we all know and hate. His ability to think fast on his feet and get back into the ring before the ref noticed might be one of the oldest tricks in the book but was not wasted on a cowardly bully like Knott who rolls all the greatest things about being a cocky, over arrogant but ultimately smart bad guy all into his best Gummidge cosplay.

He has a guaranteed spot on the card now for a year so I have time to come up with Gummidge inspired jokes for him. Leave yours in the comments if you want.

All Those Chants!

Wrestling is about the action in the ring sure but I’ve been told by many a wrestler personally and heard it from many on Podcasts and interviews that a hot crowd elevates everything.

I mean it is about the atmosphere and Plymouth always knows how to bring out the best in a night.

From the bog standard to the football inspired and to some rather strange ones Plymouth once more did what the UK is known for and came out in force to scream their disapproval, surprise, happiness and support at all the wrestlers. The only match that went slightly quiet was Beano vs White but even then White was able to get under the fans skins whilst Rich was a one man Beano fan machine.

PJ Jones victims

Whether they be trainees or something else the two lads at ring side that were slapped and thrown around by PJ Jones are heroes in a story that I felt didn’t work.

Whilst in the ring against King himself Jones was much more his comedic bad guy self, outside he was as cruel and horrid to the fans as he should have probably have been to Jason King.

One was slapped, the other thrown into a wall, the second incident saw Jason King decide to stay by the side of the guy instead of return to the ring for the 10 count. It could be the catalyst to something really good in the coming shows, it could just be a one night thing but those two really made what was fast becoming a very difficult match to watch so much better.

Hidden Gems Shining

Honestly there is nothing better then watching Andrews, Sterling, Riley and Ryan wrestle. Nothing in the world. They bring the best out of their opponents every single time they step in the ring and whilst the world got to see more of Ryan and Sterling with 5 Star before they disappeared once more it wasn’t enough.

One day they’ll be mega stars and we won’t get to see them as much down here for companies like REACH until then its just nice to be able to gloat that we get to see them knowing that the rest of the world is missing out.

Plus have I mentioned every time Eddie Ryan is mentioned on Cultaholic’s podcast I nearly cry?

Main Event

Honestly words doesn’t do it justice. It did what most blockbuster films seem incapable of doing right now and that is telling a complete story in one long and dramatic journey. From the respect at the beginning to the middle finger at the end it was a rollercoaster that had everything you want from a wrestling match and more.

REACH had one thing they had to do in their first show and that was make people who might have been at their first small Plymouth indie show to want to come back. The show was perfect for that but anyone who could sit through that main event and not want to see what happens next in October is just… My friend Aaron who doesn’t really deserve to be mentioned.

It was fantastic.


Overall it was just a real strong show that gave us a glimpse into what could be one of the best things to happen to Plymouth’s wrestling scene in a long time. I won’t comment on NXT UK because I’m not sure about it but if REACH, with the excitement of the UK Branch of WWE coming to Plymouth, can ignite a love for their brand in the hearts of those who might not have already been hooked on supporting all the local lads, all the local shows and joining what is actually a pretty fantastic group of fans down here in the West-Country then I’m gonna be happy.

I’m hoping I can make the October show if not I hope everyone enjoys it.

If you want to let us know your 5 Things for the show please leave them in the comments or tweet us. We always like being reminded of things we forgot!

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