Week 28 : Are People Free to Sell themselves into Slavery?

I’m pretty sure you can’t….

Lets start with I don’t know much about slavery and its definition, reading it up for this question didn’t help and overall I just feel that slavery itself is pretty much what you’d think.

You couldn’t sell yourself into slavery because you become property of someone else when you are a slave so whatever you own they own. You could give yourself up to slavery, I think some people are into that, but actual SLAVERY slavery you couldn’t just sell yourself too.

People who disagree I guess will use slavery as term maybe for things like being a maid or butler in a very strict job, even maybe put sex workers under that umbrella, but my definition of slave is that you wouldn’t be paid and most of these are paid even if paid badly. You can sell yourself to these things but an actual slave would lose whatever they had as property as someone else.

I just… I don’t know.

Why would you want to I guess is the question?

I mean sex slaves and things like that sure but would you really want to do that 24/7?

Would you want to be a slave in any way shape or form for the rest of your life?

In general I guess if you CAN sell yourself into it then I’m 100% behind anyone who WANTS too but then you’d have to also prove these people weren’t groomed into agreeing or coerced in some other way to do so.

If someone genuinely wants to be a slave though… Can you really stop them?

Like if your friend is severely terrified of crowds and decides to get a job in a supermarket (hint hint) which sets off depression and anxiety every, bloody, day… Who are you to tell them they CAN’T? You can advise them against it but you can’t physically stop a grown assed human from doing something.

So yeah. Other then I think logically it just can’t happen if it can then people can. That simple.


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