REACH Wrestling : Episode 1

After months and months of hyping up their debut show it finally arrived. Brought to us by Jason King and Grayson Reeves at Plymouth School of Creative Arts are we finally getting the local show we all want?

Winner : Chris Andrews

Great opening match. Honestly there wasn’t a better way to begin REACH’s first show then with this match.

It did feel slightly too long but that might have been because there were two very long sleeper moments where Philips tried to take Andrew’s down, the first one was fine but the second one was unneeded.

Other then that it was actually a lot faster paced then I’d imagine it would be, Philips was extremely good against Andrews and actually shone against one of the biggest hidden gems we have down here. Really hope we see more of him, he made everything he did seem real vicious and nasty. I predicted that Andrews would lose which was always a stupid thing to do but if I’m honest Philips was the man of that match.

He really is one to watch, plus perfect reaction to the crowd too. Andrews is just one of the best wrestlers in the UK. REACH really made the right decision to put this on first and get the crowd pumped.

Winner : Josh Knott

Battle Royal’s can be pretty messy and hard to keep track of. Having so many people in the ring all at one time can be too much BUT this one. Now THIS one was one of the good ones.

There was a lot of things that I loved in it but seeing Joseph Miller for the first time as well as strong showings for some of my favourites like Harrison and Clay made the match amazing. Adam da Silva being carried out of the ringside area by Max Castle had me laugh so much, Knott being a shit and eliminating Clay after being eliminated himself but the ref was too busy to see it was great and when Knott crawled out of the ring afterwards you knew he was going to win.

Its ending was so good. Harrison being eliminated by Adam Flint, someone who had kind of been in the background most of the night and to be honest has always kind of been in the shadow of Jason King, suddenly was the most important guy in the room. Those two are very much going to be two of the biggest stars down here very soon. Having Knott then crawl back in when we just thought Flint might have won does two things. It made the crowd hate Knott but it also meant there is a great story there for Knott vs Flint. Flint obviously has a right to feel put out when Knott had already been eliminated.

Loved the match and really shocked that Knott won to be honest. Shocked in the best way possible.

Winner : Dick Riley

Lets face it EVERYONE who see’s Riley knows that he deserves to be everywhere. The guy is just so super talented its unbelievable. Not only that but he has a great mind for timing with his comedy stuff.

It was a pretty crazy match to be honest. I was surprised that Grayson could keep up with Riley but he did pretty easily, its been absolutely forever since I saw him wrestle and to be honest he’s improved so SO much since the last time I saw him. He was thrown around a little bit though and a lot of the match felt like us getting to see the best of Dick Riley. It was really impressive to be honest.

Great way to end a really strong first half.

Winner : PJ JONES

These two are two of the best at one thing. Unfortunately its the same thing.

Two of the most charismatic big mouths in the West Country, complete entertainers, but they work better against a straighter wrestler who subdues the comedy when needed. It was too much of the same thing coming from two different angles and whilst the match got nasty with PJ getting in the face of people at ring side and throwing, I’m going to guess a trainee or friend, into the wall which lead to Jason King being counted out after going to check on the guy it felt too heavy on the comedy.

Jones and King are two of my favourites, I won’t deny both are super talented and the absolute best at what they do but together one of them had to play it straight and they didn’t get the mix right. I don’t blame them, both get the reaction they need by being entertaining more then being big move guys, fans want to see PJ get his comeuppance in the most ridiculous ways and at least in Plymouth like seeing Jason King run rings around his opponents with his antics. If this is the beginning of a story, which it seems to be, I’m afraid Jason King is going to have to drop the comedy and go it serious else their matches are going to suffer.

I hate saying that as well as obviously I love Jason King to pieces but this story just won’t work without something giving in the future and Jason King is the one with a reason to change his outlook in the feud after what happened.

Winner : Brendan White

I wasn’t sure what the match was going to be like. I saw Beano on a Chaos show and was really impressed but this time out… I really didn’t like Beano much but Brendan White was amazing.

It just felt sloppy, there were a load of times that it felt like Beano just was in the wrong position or they just weren’t in sync with each other at all. Nearer the end it just become difficult to watch and whilst I loved White’s style and his ability to wind up the crowd I was just bored through the majority of the match.

Just didn’t feel like a good pairing. I know Beano is much better then what I thought he was in this match and White was really impressive. I liked White much more in this show then Beano but I feel with different people they’d shine a lot more. Beano reminded me a lot of Riley just without the polished finish. It was the weakest match of the night and felt MUCH too long.

Also the chair spot which is a pretty bog standard spot just didn’t work at all.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

Copy and paste everything I’ve said about Chris Andrews and Dick Riley and just replace their names with Sterling and Ryan. Two of the finest and they put on a masterclass.

It had everything. It started off as a friendly and respectful bout, two extremely talented men trying to better the other and some friendly banter. Sterling then got a little more desperate and when being a little less respectful didn’t work he went straight out psycho and even at one point called in a mate, that mate being Miller, to attack Ryan.

Match went all over the place multiple times, the ref allowed the action to just run its course and that was for the best. It ended up being so dramatic that even though I was pretty certain that Ryan was going to win I did actually think Sterling might get a upset.

The two of them are a great tag team in Chaos, they have amazing chemistry and it showed in this match. Match of the night by far and one of the best wrestling matches I’ve ever seen, how Sterling and Ryan aren’t absolutely everywhere is a mystery. Just fantastic.

Don’t know if I ever saw Eddie Ryan deliver a Canadian Destroyer before but it was bloody impressive and he still has one of the best superkicks in the business.



It was fantastic. It deserved to sell out because it was the best show I’ve ever seen in Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Jason and Grayson honestly have put everything into the show and you can see the passion and drive they have to make REACH a must watch for everyone. I’m so happy how well the show went for them as they are two of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

Obviously the main event was the highlight of the night, it was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen from either Ryan or Sterling and had all the drama and action you could want.

Gonna give Philips the man of the night closely followed by Flint. Reasons being that the big names are BIG names, they might not be big all over the UK but they bloody should be. Philips really put it to Andrews and looked amazing in the match, Flint deserves to be given the space to shine too and he took that opportunity. I know that Philips wrestles for BLW, its where I’ve seen him before, but I can see him slowly popping up all over the place and Flint is just amazing and deserves more love.

The first half was so much better then the second half, King vs Jones and White vs Beano were pretty weak but the show ended on a bang too. It was bookmarked by the best matches.

I do not know if I can make it to the October show unfortunately, I’m on holiday that week in October in Benidorm but THINK I’m coming back the day before so should be there. I really need to check what dates I’m on holiday….

Belter of a show. The boys did better then good and deserve all the praise. BUT its only the first step obviously and we’ll have a much better picture of just how good REACH will be when they do return in October.

2 thoughts on “REACH Wrestling : Episode 1”

    1. Haha, to be fair it was kind of littered with my favourite wrestlers. If I’m honest my eyes were on Josh Knott the second he walked out to see what he was up too. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to shine at REACH soon. Hope so anyway!

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