Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-Sama : The Sudden Beginning of a Dream

Episode 1

Translated as 100 Sleeping Pinces & The Kingdom of Dreams (or the other way around in some places) I have no idea why I got put in to review this one but here I am reviewing it.

Its a fantasy about a fantasy world that has 100 princes and sounds like the terrible story behind a dating sim. I let Anna pick the header.

I will be honest this is 100% not my type of anime but I am going to do my absolute best to be unbiased to the genre and review it on its own merits.

Honestly liked that the show just went straight for it, it didn’t show the Princess living a day to day life but just had her suddenly show up in this fantasy world after explaining about how humans were given the ability to dream but now dream eating monsters are attacking and they need the Princess to help power the Princes to fight it. We got flashbacks of her mundane life but to be honest… She kind of just shock it off and went along with Navi, the little cute animal thing that apparently is her butler, and carried on with life.

It was silly but I don’t think it ruined the episode. Stuff like them not being able to chase the guy, who was walking away really slowly, because she had a blister is a case in point. As I said it didn’t ruin the show and it got better after Kiel was introduced.

Quite like the chemistry between Avi and Kiel, the Princess isn’t too bad either but right now she doesn’t know who she is or what she’s doing. Navi is kind of annoying but his name says it all really, he’s just there to tell us what is going on all the time which is helpful but he’ll get annoying very fast.

Funny in the right way, the buddy humour between Avi and Kiel won me over. Specially loved the ending after the credits with the “What if they worked in a convenience store Stuff.

Very pretty anime to watch too.

Actually quite enjoyed it which goes to show you can’t judge something by its genre. I don’t think it’ll be something I enjoy all the time, there is some mystery going on and the actual story I’m gonna like a lot but I think Navi will annoy me the Princess will probably get on my nerves too and any love story that goes on will make me want to switch off. That being said it made a good first impression even if its name is ridiculously long.

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