Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Kill me… Please

Episode 1

We WILL have the end of the Spring Season coming out next week, we’ve got the final episode of Mahou Shoujo Site done, we have up to date reviews of P5 and nearly up to date reviews of Gegege no Kitaro done. Luc is just making his way through Caligula and next week will be another massive getting a load of anime out there week as we do when we’ve had a quiet few weeks.

UNTIL then we’ve decided to crack on with some of the new series and another horror anime for me with Angels of Death.

It is BRILLIANT. Absolutely what I want to watch.

So we meet Rachel, she wakes up to find herself in some strange place with writing on the wall and a typewriter that writes by itself. She’s seen some stuff, as she tells us and she’s got to find out who she is and what she wants.

Just this isn’t a ordinary place.

No, as she ascends in the elevator a voice rings out telling everyone that she is a sacrifice and they should ready themselves. She finds herself on another floor of the building which…. Looks pretty grim in itself, she see’s a bird when out of nowhere comes a mad man with a scythe killing the bird. Then comes the chase, then comes the sewing back together of the bird and Rachel, who I keep wanting to call Alice for some reason so if I slip a Alice in I’m sorry, escaping to the next floor.

You get the picture of what is going on right?

On the next floor she finds the Doctor who has been counselling her… Apparently. His name is Daniel Dickens and he’s obsessed with eyes. Not long after slowly realising she’s in the company of a mad man he takes her to his eye room, gets upset and tries to kill her just to be killed by crazy man with a scythe (don’t know if he was named in the episode but his name is Isaac, I looked it up on MAL) who broke the rules attacking someone on their floor and is now a sacrifice too.

Rachel comes to the conclusion that she knows she shouldn’t be alive and mutters the words “Kill me… Please” to Isaac before the episode ends.

It was bloody. It was gruesome. It had a sad looking, lost little girl who is probably gonna be a psycho murderer or something the way Daniel was going on and how she came to the conclusion that she should be dead. It had a wonderfully insane character in Isaac and a creepy insane character in Daniel. Blood everywhere, a dead bird being sewn together…

What more could horror fans actually ask for?

For me Mohou Shoujo Site always went that little far to shock, other horror anime I’ve watched in the past don’t really go for the Western slasher, psychopath thing. I’ve struggled to find a horror series I’ve enjoyed but this has a lot of promise. I love the crazy we got to see, I love the crazy we have coming up hinted along the way. I hope it delivers on the promise I’ve made up in my head.

As you might have been able to see I am extremely excited for the series. Rachel is a blank page but that is OK because she looks like she’ll have something interesting in her back story. Isaac is my kind of psycho and I can’t wait to see what his story will actually be going forward, it looks like it’ll be a fun series with plenty of gore.

Plus if we get Isaac giggling to himself all the time I’ll be happy.

I just don’t want there to be a romance forced in there someplace. Please don’t make them fall in love. Please.


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