Persona 5 : I found the place I belong

Episode 12

So Makoto is now part of the group and if I’m right this will be the end of the Kaneshiro story as well.

I’m right and it hardly felt like it begun.

I’ve probably said it a million times but it feels like it is flying through the entire story since Kamoshida and that is a little disappointing. You don’t really get to see them bond as a group, the infiltration might not need to be seen each and every time but making us care why they are bringing down these people needs to be expanded on. Again I’ve seen clips of the game on Twitch now and I have to say the game expands so much more and gives you so much more to be emotionally attached too that could easily be done in the anime if they just tried.

They don’t try.

Not even in the slightest.

Kaneshiro’s boss fight is my favourite so far though. The giant pig that he had to fight with was awesome and the actual fight scene was pretty bad ass but other then that the episode just kind of rolled on as fast as it could to get to the end of this story.

Already I feel like I’ve put more effort into writing about it then went into making a story in the episode itself.

The team itself is growing, we have been able to feel empathy towards all the characters other then Ren and whilst its flashing past faster then you can imagine for some reason you still care about the team. I’m not sure though if that isn’t to do with me now having witnessed parts of the game or not and just projecting the care I have for them from watching the game instead of actually feeling it because they themselves are worth feeling it for in the anime. It is going to become extremely crowded very fast though and it is hard to see the anime actually being able to continue to make you care for a abundance of characters whose stories are over in a blink of a eye.

Again this is a problem with the running length of the show though.

They want to cram every story plus filler moments into four episodes and whilst you think you can do that I just don’t think you can. Also with a lack of personality for your main character leaving a vacuum there for development… It just isn’t working.

I literally blanked out most of the speaking because they weren’t talking about anything important.


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