Persona 5 : Let’s be friends, shall we?

Episode 11

The Thieves have to find a way into a flying bank with the countdown on for Makoto to tell people who they are.

It seems we’ll be learning a lot about the class president right now.

Honestly feel real bad for Makoto, she’s under a lot of pressure to live up to the glory her sister and father both have created, she gets no real support now her father is dead and her sister is stressed doing her job and the principal is using her to try to bring down the Phantom Thieves as well as every other problem and she has no one to turn too.

It was nice to see her find her Persona so easy when they took her into Kaneshiro’s palace to be honest plus she’s a badass with a motorbike Persona. She stays very calm through it all and is able to figure out the majority of what is going on pretty quickly. Through all that it does not surprise me she gets a nickname like Queen.

Really good episode, I like the idea of Kaneshiro and his bank and whilst some might not like Makoto being so forward and confident in herself I did like her taking matters into her own hands even though she knew it was dangerous. It makes sense really.

Did I mention her sister is the woman talking to Ren in the present? If not she is if I did ignore it.

With that in mind though does it really surprise you that Makoto would take it into her own hands to go out and face someone like Kaneshiro to help bring him down? Until then I don’t really know if she believed the Phantom Thieves or not, she seemed to be desperate to help out and do something good when everyone around her kept telling her that she couldn’t do anything or was just the obedient good girl.

Kaneshiro came across as a jerk and his business destroying people’s lives came over very strongly but I feel Kamoshida is still to this point the best fleshed out character we’ve seen the group fight. Even though it was a similar amount of episodes in his story to what I’m guessing we’re getting here and what we got with Madarame they just made him much more rounded as a character then the others. I do love his palace though, the flying bank and people being seen as ATM machines.

Couldn’t even tell you what Ren was doing in this episode other then showing up. He’s getting a few more lines and a tad more personality thrown into his character but not by much and again it just feels weird to not actually give your main character any kind of personality. Again its a problem with just copying a blank character from a video game and hoping people will connect to him, I’ve seen people on Twitch playing the game and the joy they find in Ren is by living the world through him. His character can be bent to what they want him to be, you can’t do that in a anime and by not fleshing him out you get…

Well you get what we’ve got which is a character barely worth the screen time he gets even though he’s the main character and we should give some shit about him.

Overall though a good episode.

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