REACH Wrestling Episode 1 PREDICTIONS

So we’re here for our Predictions for REACH Wrestling’s first show which is this Sunday. In brilliant news for the new promotion they have sold out and the show looks to be amazing.

Here are our picks on what is going to happen.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

Its a bit of a cop out to be honest. Ryan is coming home to Plymouth and you feel they’ll want people to leave the show energized and happy. Sterling is a great bad guy, someone you love seeing lose, he isn’t really a threatening bad guy and whilst I love him and think after a build up to a story a loss would create big drama as a one off match without any story it might end the night on a bit of a downer.

Either way it’ll be match of the night for sure.

Winner : Dick Riley

I think this is a no-brainer too. Riley is super popular anywhere he wrestles and is one of the most fantastic wrestlers in the UK right now. I’m a huge fan of Reeves but I feel like Riley is the obvious choice for the win unless there is some shenanigans from Reeves. It’ll be a good match but I feel Riley winning is inevitable.

Winner : Psycho Phillips

To be honest I just didn’t want to pick big names for every match. Whilst my heart says that Ryan, Riley and Andrews are obvious choices for their matches and I just don’t want to bet against any of them I feel at least one of them has to lose and whilst I’m using logic in that Ryan will let the crowd go home happy, Riley is just too good to lose I just feel if they need one of them to lose Andrews in a match against someone called Psycho Phillips would be the obvious choice of the three.

Probably not a clean win but if anyone could lose in a non-clean way and then still win by taking out the bad guy and being amazing it’ll be Andrews.

Winner : His opponent

Love Jason and this is based on the fact that he tends to be the bad guy whenever I see him. There is nothing better then Jason King coming down and being a cocky, arrogant asshole just to be shown his place by just about anyone else. Don’t really have a clue who he’d face but possibly Adam Flint, growing their CPW feud, John Harding, who I’ve actually found it weird hasn’t been announced for the show yet, or just about anyone else that usually appears down this way would be brilliant.

King has ridiculous amount of talent and the match is going to be a highlight of the night. His mouth is going to be the best part of the night no doubt and I can not wait for the Jason King chants once more.

Winner : Beano

ONLY because I don’t know who White is and was super impressed the one time I’d seen Beano and had already heard of Beano before that anyway. Honestly can’t wait for this match but have no idea what to expect.

Winner : Joseph Miller

Honestly I dunno about this. A lot of the names in there are big names in the West-Country anyway, my heart was all about Vinnie Clay but I’m 100% sure that the Mad Dog will have a spot on most cards regardless of a win here and it would only be a needed win for him if it became a storyline about it…. Which makes me want REACH to make him the bad ass of REACH doing anything he wants and waving his guaranteed spot in everyone’s faces.

ALSO a good spot for guys like Adam da Silva and Blake Harrison. Kinda making me change my mind.

That being said Miller was the last man announced and looking through the names announced for the Battle Royal I don’t know I just have a feeling it’ll be him. Someone who isn’t really known down this way and could be a great addition to the roster, making fans love him and also build a story with someone like da Silva or Harrison making a big thing out of him being a no one down here who only gets to be on every show because of being in the Battle Royal when they have been down here for years building the fan base and deserved the spot.

I’ve talked myself into circles. Can’t they all win? I hope REACH do do something amazing with guys like Harrison, Clay, da Silva and Adam Flint who I completely forgot is in the battle royal so probably won’t be Jason Kings challenger.


I am hyped for this.

Match of the night will be Ryan and Sterling no doubt. Two of them work so well together and I think it’ll be a great match. Looking forward to all of the matches for different reasons, will just be nice to be back at a wrestling show in Plymouth. Unfortunately couldn’t afford tickets to NXT UK down here but who needs that when you have such great local promotions (I know, I’m heartbroken really but that is life when you have sick pay to deal with and a holiday to Benidorm to pay for…)

If you want to take part in the predictions then leave us a comment, later on when I have money if people are interested I’ll probably buy small prizes for anyone that wants to join in but for this show at least I just have no money… I might be able to get something together for the winner if there is one and they want something.

We will have a review of the show out next week (I now work 5am-1:30pm so likely it’ll be later in the day on Monday) anyone who is going I hope you enjoy it. Even if it isn’t the best night, which I’m pretty sure its going to be super great, give them a chance, its their first show and with some love and support I’m sure these guys will become a company we can all be super proud of.

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