Week 27 : Is Truth Relative or a Matter of Opinion?

Truth isn’t really a word I’ve heard used for a long time so yeah Truth.

Truth can’t really be a matter of opinion. The Truth is fact, it can’t be based on opinion. I tried to think of something that could be Truth based on a opinion but I couldn’t.

Closest I could come up with is someone saying “Truth of the matter…” and then telling the Truth they want based on their opinion but if say someone said “Truth of the matter is that I don’t care” and they do care then its a lie and not Truth anyway.

Then again I guess we do have to just accept that some things are True without actual proof. Maybe that is what it means. For example some people believe the Truth is that the world is flat whilst others believe its not, that is something we can prove very easily but something like how gravity works we accept as being True without really having any factual thing in our hand, other then apples I guess, that we can wave around. Someone could come up with some really random explanation for gravity and if people want to believe it to be True then… What are you going to do to prove it wrong other then tell people the theory of gravity and the rest of it.

Maybe that means it can be matter of opinion?

I mean these days I don’t hear people talk about the Truth unless in conversation asking for the Truth in a situation, in that respect the Truth is just factually what happened with no emotions attached. Someone can say the Truth is that they believe it was this or that but the Truth of that situation is just what happened.

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