Week 26 : Should we Fear Death?

Death is the ultimate end. Should we fear it?

I think to begin with I’m going to preface this by saying that when I say fear death I’m not, personally, talking about like fearing you’ll die every time you step outside your door. For this whole thing I’m just talking about like a small fear, like not doing something because you value your life and don’t want to take a chance.

In that way I’m going to say its a good thing to fear it. After all death is just the end of life and who really wants their life to end?

For example you have drivers in series like F1 who take risks that might end their lives in a instant, some make more then others, if we all took those risks without fearing then our roads would be even more dangerous then they actually are already with people just throwing their cars around the place.

I think fearing your own death is good because it puts boundaries up, whilst at the same time obviously I know personally like all fears it can also put up boundaries that we just don’t need in our lives. It’ll stop us doing things and following dreams because we fear too much.

So maybe it’s a bit of middle ground?

The fear needs to give you boundaries to keep you safe and give you common sense, you only have the one life and all that jazz so you need to respect your life enough and not needlessly put it on the line. Then again the fact that some people are daredevils and don’t worry gives us exciting things LIKE F1 and idiots like Jackass. I doubt they don’t fear death, I think we all do in our own ways, but if we were all that free with our life then… Well they’d be out of a job for a start and we’d all probably be in a much worse place.

Or maybe not?

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