My Life as a Playlist Week 25

We have had a productive and busy week so I’m gonna try as hard as I can to have a decent run with this Playlist.

Let’s go!

Bangarang – Skrillex feat. Sirah

OK so a weak start because obviously I can’t pick any lyrics from this song as there aren’t really any but its in here purely because I’ve had it stuck in my head all week.

Angelico is one of my favourite wrestlers, this is his music on Progress and I watched a shit ton of Progress last weekend. This isn’t a bad song to have stuck in your head BUT it also does not mean IN ANY WAY that you can dance like Angelico. DO NOT TRY AND BE ANGELICO.

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Possibility I’ve put this in before and that is because Shape of You is one of those songs that I now have on a Playlist about my thing because it reminds me of him for no reason… HE PLAYED THE SONG! It was the absolute first song on his playlist the other night when we were working and MAN WAS I UNIMPRESSED.

Well I wasn’t it just nearly had me in tears at work. To be fair I’d had a tiring day and I love Ed Sheeran, pretty sure I cry any time I hear his songs anyway, but its just a surreal thing even when you know that like nearly everyone is going to probably like a single song of his or that it might not be his actual playlist but a Spotify one, to hear a song you’ve been listening to thinking about someone being played by that someone.

He followed it with Anaconda by Nicki Minaj which…. I can’t really say I listen to and think of him because whilst he’s long and has that long man’s problem he doesn’t really have a butt…. Like its fine for who he is.

Boomerang – Smash Into Pieces

I’ve been gone for a while now
But only to gain my power
I’ve been fighting my demons
And I’m back up on my feet (and now)
The harder you fall down
The stronger you come back later
Now I feel like an army (and now)
And I’ve only just began

I’ve had a tough week for ridiculous reasons this week but I feel like I’ve managed to pull myself out of it all in the end. I mean I’m not saying it’ll last but right now whilst some of my problems are still pretty bad I’m in a better place and at least got my ass in gear to do some things this week.

Hey, give me all you got
Bring the grenades and your loaded guns
Hey, trying to take me down
I’m coming right back, back, back like a boomerang

I’m still on a mission to do what I want to do in life and no matter what happens I’m gonna keep trying to come back.

Broken Heart – Escape the Fate

I’ve been a little crazy lately
I’ve been out of my head
I remember every word you ever said

I am starting mornings this week and there is a little bit of this going through my head every night. I’ve not been sleeping recently because I’ve been in a lot of pain and lying in bed kind of drives you crazy whilst you relive every single conversation you’ve had with certain people.

I’m letting go
‘Cause I can’t take this anymore

Selective cutting but I’ve kinda decided the best thing is to let go. Something stupid happened earlier in the week and I went a little crazy over it and it ruined the second half of the week and just shouldn’t have in any way shape or form.

That is easier said then done though.


This coming week is all over the place for me. I have shifts all over the shop, lots of them nearer the end of the week and my sleeping pattern is going to go out of the window. I mean I’m struggling to figure out when I have to go bed right now (I probably have to go bed right now) to get up for my 5am start tomorrow so I have like three or four different shifts to get up and make sure I get enough sleep for. It makes days like today where I ended up depressed and lying in bed for way too long just worse. Hopefully having to get up earlier will help.

It does mean a drastic change in things I do but it’ll be worth it. Hopefully.

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