Mahou Shoujo Site : The Rebel Girls

Episode 11

“Hangyaku no shoujotachi” (反逆の少女たち)

So the plan to kidnap a Site Admin is still alive and well I guess, everyone is fully powered again and its time for the final confrontation?

Well its all out war with the Site Admins after all.

They go after the one with the funny mouth and end up killing her just to find out that they are girls all along. I don’t really get the logic in it all but it was a great moment in the episode and I feel it was underplayed so badly that I honestly felt it nearly ruined the whole thing for me.

What I’m going to say is that the Site Admins are proper scary. Having them in monochrome, the weird voices, the weird looks and the way they move and just act… Everything about them is nightmare fuel yet they’ve been underused the entire series and when they finally do get a moment to shine the big reveal that underneath all this creepy assed imagery is just a girl that has been turned into one of them is brushed over because two seconds later the other two main Administrators attack.

As a whole the series has been so grim and so blood covered that the deaths of both Sarina and Tsuyuno just didn’t do much for me. Aya is still the sniveling moron she was 10 episodes ago so anything bad happening to Tsuyuno was bound to bring tears and the pain she suffered seeing Sarina die, the girl who had tortured her, sent a guy to rape her and then wanted to kill her for defending herself and accidentally killing a possible rapist just made no sense. I get being the good guy and having no self worth but even I, someone who hates themselves and wants to die, wouldn’t be tearing up at the death of someone who tortured me FOR SIMPLY NOT SAYING THANK YOU.

Tsuyuno’s death at least had a purpose, she seemed to have figured out after seeing what the dead Admin turned into there was a possibility that with one dead Admin there was a place for another, it goes without saying a Magical Girl that has used her life up and has been told BY a Admin that they are “different” might just get the seat in this circumstance. If she hadn’t guessed that I’m a little disappointed but it all kind of leads me to believe this was her last attempt at saving everyone and as we KNOW she can’t die before the actions in the opening sequence happen and as they haven’t happened yet we kind of knew she wasn’t going to die.

11 weeks is not long enough for me to forget a episode THAT HAS SCARRED ME FOR LIFE!

Its going to be interesting to see how the fight goes in the next episode but I can’t help but feel that we’ll be left wanting a whole bunch more.

Brother has not been dealt with truly…

The blue haired detective and his part to play needs to be explained…

Tempest can’t be a 10 minute threat they overcome…

Next episode must see us face off against Nana and win in some way, it might explain some of the questions we have but I feel we’ll still be left with a count down to Tempest, maybe the timer finally running out and a teaser to what could be a even more dramatic second series if we get one.

I really hope we do.


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