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Episode 10

“Burekingu” (ブレキング)

With Nijimi dead, Brother gone and no stick the world is going to be so much more difficult for Aya right now.

It went completely over my head that the bag of sticks that Sarina had was the ones from the demolished building therefore she has everyone’s sticks.

To be honest this episode turned everything on its head.

That blue haired detective? Working with Nana, he was the one that kidnapped Brother and now has him hung up somewhere naked whilst at the same time is the investigating officer on his missing person case as well as the Stalkers suicide. How long he’s been with Nana, what his actual purpose is in all this I don’t know but knowing that Nana isn’t just preying on young, abused girls is terrifying in itself. It also opens up to a world of possible stick users…

It also brings me back to Tempest, the girl in the magical force field and all that. Theories run through my head like maybe this dude is somehow connected to her? Maybe this all happened a generation ago and they created a monster and now want her to reawaken? I don’t know but I kinda want to know faster then I’m being told.

So Brother has been neutralized but Sarina is out and about with a bag of tricks.

One explosion at Nijimi’s funeral later, yes because that poor girl can’t even have a funeral, and Sarina is suddenly on Aya’s side after figuring out that Nana doesn’t care one jot about them and is using her for her own personal game she’s decided to join the cause and bring down the Administrators and survive.

It was one of those episode where everything came together for the showdown at the end of the series. Its like everything that went before it just doesn’t matter and it was highlighted once more by Aya and her terrible character. Her crying and moaning, her wanting to save everyone so she’s going to sacrifice herself. It all led to Sarina finally just not caring about Aya and her own problems and handing out the missing sticks so that everyone can fight together.

But what are they going to fight?

With two episodes left their whole plan is to kidnap a Admin so they can get intel on Tempest. That isn’t a two episode plot, they don’t really know how to summon the Admin’s, the Admin’s now think they are all dead and they know that if they show themselves then they’ll outrightly try and kill them as they’ve just failed to do so in a sneaky way.

Brother is locked up so they can’t even have a midlevel boss to beat for the end of the series.

You feel it has to end where it begun but I have no idea where the series really begun from, what was going on or how it would evolve in one episode to that point. Are they just going to go full out war mode on the Admin? That would be disappointing as you kind of want to get to know both sides a little more.

I have a feeling the end of this series is going to be a let down.


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