Persona 5 : I want to see Justice with my own eyes

Episode 10

With the revelation their teacher is a maid its time to move on to the next person they’ll be changing the heart of. Who shall it be?

Their next target is given to them by the Council President whose job it is to find them and report them to the head teacher but instead lures them into help her sort out a problem with students being scammed by a Mafia type person.

Just that is all she’s got, she hasn’t got anything else for them to go on so they have to figure out a way to get close to him and come up with the reporter they met just outside Madarame’s house by total luck.

There isn’t much to really say about the episode, it was basically just a set up to the next target with little character development or anything else in it, we kind of got to know Makoto a little in so much as her character seems pretty interesting with the chance of some drama but we didn’t really get to know her enough to say what it all is other then the immense pressure being put on her to do what others want her to do.

I guess we also met the Detective kid too.

It just wasn’t that interesting of a episode to be honest. Again, and I know I said I’d stop saying this, but it isn’t very well adapted from a game into a show. It feels like they took the cut scenes out and just stuck them together without any of the conjoining bits that will be in game play. I just feel its missing a big part of the important parts of what makes a anime to rush forward with the main story of the game.

Neither the TV part or them figuring out what this guys palace is was that interesting. No one really got any interesting things to do and the main character is still as dull as dishwater and just shouldn’t be the main character.

What it did have going for it is that I loved the Bank Palace, it floating up in the sky over Shibuya because the guy thinks of the entirety of Shibuya as his Bank but that was about the only interesting part and it was the very end of the episode too.

Just another bland episode, it dangles enough carrot at the end you think something great will happen in the next episode but at this point… do I really believe that it’ll get too much better?

Its not something that you run out of your way to watch religiously. Whilst my blogs tend to get held up because of editing I don’t even get these out on time like other blogs that get held up because Anna hasn’t read them yet. This one I just don’t really care for.

I’ll still keep going though. In hope something will happen.

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