Mahou Shoujo Site : God Won’t Abandon Me

Episode 9

“Kami wa boku o mihanasanai” (神は僕を見離さない)

With the power to control everyone Brother has now become the scariest part of the show by far. Who will honestly be able to stop him?

Well Kiyo attempts too.

Whilst putting Aya, Rina and Tsuyuno up at Sayuki’s house whilst the panties are missing and they are unable to defend themselves, Kiyo goes with Ashari and Mikari to try and peacefully take down Brother.

He’s already got Nijimi on side after showing up at her house, as he gets ready to make her kill herself Ashari shows up under the control of Kiyo to take down Brother as peacefully as she can and stop Nijimi from doing anything stupid, unfortunately they don’t realise that Brother thinks a few steps ahead and he’s already implanted the command to protect him in Nijimi who attacks Ashari and gives Brother enough time to figure out how to force Ashari out of her mind control and right back outside where she punches a hole through Kiyo’s chest.


It doesn’t get much better for the girls, with them bringing Kiyo back to Sayuki’s they have the chance to save her but they also bring Brother right to their door which causes all sorts of problems.

To be honest Aya’s character ruined it for me. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I don’t like her very much. Whilst I don’t want bad things to happen to her she’s out of place and her story doesn’t make sense to me personally.  I get that they want her to be the best of the world, overcoming her troubles and still wanting the best for everyone, but at the same time we’re all this way into the series and she’s still having the same emotional break downs she was having during the battle with Sarina.

Its gotten to the point where I just want to shake her and tell her to get a backbone and sort herself out. Like the crying and do gooding just gets in the way.

Thankfully Nijimi isn’t so lame and she actually dies and dies after saving the girls, breaking out of her mind control but still being too rash. Its pretty sad to be honest, we see her friend, the one that Rina killed, telling her she needs to stop being so rash all the time and calming down but as she wakes from her mind control she goes straight for the attack and gets stabbed. She’s able to take out Brothers voice box as she dies but Aya is unable to bring her back from death.

Brother himself is taken away from some invisible person which could be a good thing could be a terrible thing, I’m pretty sure he’s still got the panties too.

It was a bit disappointing coming after the episode before, I mean Brother did what I thought he would but I was hoping for a less boombastic entrance and more cunning from him. He opened himself up to just being taken out and whilst it was all very gruesome once more it lost a little because it went for shock instead of just letting Brother be terrifying.

Nijimi’s story was intensely sad and I’m going to miss her, it felt a bit of a cop out that she died, I guess from being killed by Sayuki’s sword, whilst Kiyo who was punched through the chest survived. A one hit wonder save the day stick.

Aya though… I just can’t get behind her if she’s not going to develop even the slightest bit.


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