Persona 5 : Operation Maid Watch

Episode 9

Operation Maid Watch doesn’t sound like a episode title that is going to get us anywhere with a new target so I have no idea what to expect.

Kinda liked the way it left all the crap about Palaces and all that behind and turned more into a human drama.

We found out their home room teacher is struggling so has to become a “Maid” after school and we also tried to patch up all the shit that still is hanging over the Track Team even now that Kamoshida is nowhere to be seen.

Getting to see even more people and how life just sucks is interesting and it was paced in a better way so that whilst the two stories clashed a little because we went from one to the other and neither were that great a story it still was a lot better then what we had in the Madarame story.

Ren had much more of a personality in the episode then in any other episode because he actually had to talk and interact with people instead of just being there. It showed that they could do so much more with him if they just tried to have him interact with the story rather then stand around doing nothing.

There isn’t much to say though.

Quite like their homeroom teacher but don’t think she’s going to have too much of a impact on the majority of the episodes so whilst it was nice to get to know her in this episode it seems pointless to get attached to her.

Always did like Ryuji and it was nice to see his nightmare about the Track Team is being sorted out though, hoping we see him actually get to rebuild his relationships with the team even if its only in flashes here and there. I like that they’ve found each other and a purpose after the people in their lives had destroyed them but I would kind of like seeing them grow a life away from each other now their nightmares have left them.

Not a bad episode I guess.

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