Mahou Shoujo Site : Last Summer

Episode 8

“Saigo no natsu” (最後の夏)

We go into this episode with a secret, new allies and fully understanding the threat that lies before us.

You think it can’t get worse?

So its a episode where the girls themselves aren’t really important. Its kind of hit home a little more that none of them are going to survive until old age, it seems that Tsuyuno is worse off after she used the stick to save Rina for so long and that was the news that Kiyo told Aya at the end of the last episode.

Kiyo’s power is actually a little scary, she doesn’t seem to have any problem controlling it, so no Jean Gray kind of problems, and is connected permanently to whoever she connects with. She is able to sense the other Magical Girls dying but doesn’t really come out and just say that, she’s also able to pick up on everything else that is going on around her. There will be no keeping secrets around her.

Aya is the one with the secret though.

As I said this episode isn’t really about the girls its about Brother.

Now I probably have explained this before, I know perfectly well he has a name but I just like calling him Brother and the other guy Stalker because it fit them so well just being nameless really. Whilst Stalker wasn’t anything important to the story therefore a name was pointless for him Brother is just terrifying and to speak his name… Well it would feel like a Voldemort situation.

In this episode Stalker is finally dealt with at the hands of Brother.

Now I didn’t mention that Kiyo is a cross dresser that was picked on at school and given a stick, whether on purpose or by accident we don’t know but I very much doubt the Admins DON’T know that Kiyo is actually a he. We found this off right from the start so when Brother shows up with Nijimi’s panties it is never a question of will he be able to use them its a question of who is he going to use them on first.

Under the disguise of caring for her and wanting to help her Nijimi confines in Brother about everything and he follows them to the beach and steals the panties out of Tsuyuno’s locker, whilst the image of him pulling his trousers down to reveal the power he has to the Stalker is comical, another built in plot point for the panties in general, it actually made me sick to my stomach.

Not just because Brother is obviously packing.

Out of ALL the characters in this anime I do not want to have their hands on powers to control people its Brother. He’s a psycho with a god complex and now he can make everyone do as he pleases which includes forcing the Stalker to walk out into the sea and stab himself in the neck/chest area. It was very bloody, came after a long and hideous speech and made you kind of feel bad for the Stalker.

I mean am I much better then him in life?

In England we don’t really have Idols but I sit here and most days watch the same people doing the same kind of things over and over. He went a bit overboard but I get the feeling people just genuinely do over Idols, I don’t know much about that culture in all honesty but every time someone talks to me about it I feel sorry for the Idols to be honest. It might be different for different Idols, I don’t know, but in the end I felt sorry for the Stalker who became victim number one of mind controlling Brother.

Aya see’s all this but doesn’t want anyone to kill her brother. Still being the nicest person on the show even though she has every right to be blood thirsty and hateful she doesn’t want to tell everyone, everyone who is well aware the panties are missing, that her brother has them and has already murdered someone with them. She wants to fix this problem peacefully but how is she planning on doing that?

One of my favourite episodes so far because it really brought out a psychological horror side to it that we haven’t seen so far. The horror in this anime has been very much in your face the entire time, they hit you with shocking things like the ENTIRE FIRST BLOODY EPISODE and go for shock value over actual get inside your head and plant horror eggs in there. Brother isn’t like that. Whilst the imagery of Stalker being helpless in his quest to kill Brother was shocking the entire scene was very psychological and made you actually fear for the future of everyone involved. It wasn’t just that Brother could go around murdering everyone like Sarina but he can bend them to his will and he’s a sadistic fuck who will bend everyone to his sadistic will.

It felt weird seeing the Girls enjoying life when they have all these problems to contend with, the day out seemed forced when it was the answer to hearing that one of them is close to death, they know they have to get a Site Admin on side and another is a homicidal maniac… Well two of them I guess.

Good episode though.


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