5 Things… WWE RAW 18/6/18

The RAW after MITB, most people never have anything good to say about RAW so I go into three hours of RAW for the first time in a long time a little apprehensive.

IC Title drop

Who saw it coming?

Seth has been doing open challenges and fighting for this belt constantly since he won it, he just had a great match at MITB the night before against Elias and suddenly he drops it in a random open challenge against Dolph Ziggler.

I was surprised, I thought the Elias thing might have gone on a little longer, instead we either have Seth fighting back against Ziggler and McIntyre or those two are going to run riot with the belt. Since Miz held it the IC belt has been so hot and I’m not upset that Ziggler has it to be honest.

Match was fantastic, it was a great opening match especially after the amazing opening segment.

B Team Cosplays as Hardy & Wyatt

Just a great little promo. I’m loving what they are doing with the B Team, I think both Axel and Dallas are better then they’ve been portrayed on the main roster recently, ESPECIALLY Dallas, and feel like both could be upper mid-card fighting for belts like the IC Title or US Title or could legitametly be a long term decent tag team for WWE.

Hope it goes well for them.

The Revival vs Roman & Bobby…

VERY good match. The Revival are fantastic and Lashley and Reigns trying to out do each other was fun. I don’t like Lashley matches much so having him in a tag was a good idea but to be honest the whole thing between Bobby and Roman might actually be real fun. I like when Roman is kinda arrogant but also taking catty digs at people like he did with Bobby. It might be a good story building up to Extreme Rules no matter who else is in the match with them.

Main Event

It was actually a really strong main event that had built a little during the night with the whole Braun/Owens thing and Corbin pissing off Angle like always.

Really loved the Corbin/Owens duo and was seriously impressed with Corbin in the ring. Just a very good match to end the show with.

RAW does Opening Segments RIGHT

Alexa Bliss is gold, she’s all sorts of brilliant on the mic, gets under the skin of all her opponents and brings out a side to everyone in story that you don’t always see. From the bullying angle with Nia to pissing off Ronda enough that when Kurt tried to pull her off of Bliss she attacked him AND the officials.

Its the Rousey the WWE Universe wanted to see, unstoppable badass, and its the reason Bliss is a 5 time champion now.

All I’ve heard recently is that RAW’s opening segments just kill all momentum for the night and should just not happen, the women killed it though.

5 Wrestlers of the night

Chad Gable

He came out to lose but still had a flurry of action in the middle of the

Alexa Bliss & Ronda Rousey

They share a spot because neither actually wrestled but deserve to be there for their segment.

Reigns & Lashley

As a team they worked well together, their segment wasn’t too bad even with the mistake from Lashley and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the two of them go at it to prove who is ready for Lesnar up until Extreme Rules. I’d kinda like to see this be a thing going into SummerSlam too with them two trying to out do each other so much at Extreme Rules that someone else takes the number one contendership away from them.

Great match, fun stuff and it isn’t every day I’m excited by something Lashley does.

All Four Dudes in the Main Event

Really loved the main event, the two teams worked really well together. Some great wrestling plus the normal Braun craziness as well. If I HAD to pick one with a gun to my head I’d pick Constable Corbin PURELY because I’m not a big fan of him in ring all the time but he really upped his game and surprised me with how good he was.

Dolph Ziggler

I mean I loved the IC match and even with Seth losing I think just the direction that Ziggler has been going since working with McIntyre has breathed new life into Ziggler and the match was actually really bloody good.



All in all I think it was a decent RAW. All the good bits could have been condensed down into a 2 hour show which I think is everyone’s main complaint with RAW most of the time.

Can’t wait for the IC rematch next week.

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