Week 25 : Should we let people commit suicide when they are terminally ill?

Suicide is a very complicated issue that people don’t like to talk about. As healthy physical and mental people its hard to understand why anyone would want to kill themselves but when you are looking at the end of your life anyway is it right to blame someone for wanting to die in their own way?

Personally I am totally for people turning to assisted suicide when they are terminally ill.

I don’t get why people have to be so cruel as to want to see people suffer for longer then they have to. Some people will want to live the last few weeks of their lives to their fullest but others won’t even get that choice. Some people get to a certain point not even with terminal illness but with illnesses that pretty much terminate their livelihood and we make them suffer because as a society we see taking our own lives as such a horrible thing for us to do.

When you don’t have a life to live or much of a life to live then why can’t you be the one to say enough is enough?

I’m very much against classifying suicide as selfish in general though.

Again its a personal thing. Even if you suffer there is a good chance that you will see taking your own life as something unthinkable but we then let people do things that are unhealthy and have a good chance to make them ill or even kill themselves and don’t think about it.

Right now I can’t really go into a suicide rant because mental health problems that lead to suicide is a very different thing.

What I guess I’d ask you is that if you know someone who smokes but you never try to make them stop they then get lung cancer and go through all the treatments to find out they didn’t work and they now have months or weeks to live and they decide to take their own life do you REALLY have the right to tell them they can’t? When you saw them smoking all that time and didn’t think to stop them?

If your friend drives a motorbike without any protection but never has a accident and you never tell them to actually look after themselves but then gets a terminal illness with a few months to live and they want to end it who are you to tell them they can’t when you had no respect for their life to begin with?

Where do you find the line telling someone to care about themselves?

No one really knows how they’ll face being told they have a terminal illness. No one knows what will happen down the road. People turn to those they love for support in their darkest times and preaching at them is not helping.

To go along with the questions raised above…

Who is the selfish one really?

The one who wants to end their suffering by their own hands or the one that wants them to suffer so they get more time with them?

If someone is suffering and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, LET ME BE TOTALLY CLEAR I’M ANSWERING THIS QUESTION AND NOT ONE BASED ON MENTAL ILLNESS, then who are we to really judge them how they want to go? Whether they want to end their suffering or continue to suffer till the end, one way or the other they know they are going to die and I feel we should allow people to make their own minds up.

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