Persona 5 : Put an end to all this and use your own artwork for once

Episode 8

Again if the pattern follows and with this title it feels like Madarame will be defeated in this episode so expect a heartbreaking episode all about Yusuke with some half decent fight sequences.

So the story of the Sayuri painting was real sad but it felt rushed to be told and the emotions didn’t feel so real to me, I feel it really did get rushed and that Yusuke’s feelings to it weren’t that well explored.

Madarame’s Shadow they fought was really cool but the fight seemed to be over so fast and the majority of the episode was just talking but the words felt empty.

To be honest I felt disappointed.

It felt like they wanted to get it done so fast that they didn’t have to worry about filling a episode with it all. Compared to Kamoshida it just didn’t feel like they really had that final end with him. Instead of being down to Earth or anything else Yusuke came across as cold and emotionless which didn’t really work with the character we knew and even Madarame’s confession straight after the fight that was broadcast to the world just felt empty and pointless.

Compared to Kamoshida it just felt like they ran out of steam on it and wanted to move on faster to what comes next.

It was a total shift in the second half. Yusuke went to live with Ren which lasted the whole of one night, we got the story of Ryuji’s childhood and there were a lot of jokes that I feel missed the mark by a long shot. It helped a great deal in making the episode feel like a let down because it just wasn’t that interesting. Completely heavy on dialogue, as I said I felt the jokes didn’t land well and it lost my interest for huge sections of it.

What makes it worse is that the fight scene wasn’t even that interesting. I felt like we got to explore a little more of Kamoshida’s Palace and see how rotten he was before defeating him but in this story we had it forced down our throat so we could get rid of it as fast as possible and the worst part of it all was that they probably forced it on us so that we could get closer to Yusuke but I feel it didn’t work out that way either.

Another disappointing episode I guess is what I’m trying to say.


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