Mahou Shoujo Site : Joint Strategy

Episode 7

“Kyōtō senryaku” (共闘戦略)

We’re going to kidnap a Site Admin. I kind of don’t want to spend that much time with a Site Admin if I’m honest.

If you can’t remember what happened in the episode before this then basically another Magical Girl from a different district has shown up, taken Rina out of her coma and asked the trio if they would help kidnap a Site Admin to find out more about Tempest.

There was a lot to take in from what the Sticks are to the fact that the Site Admins seem to have given all the girls an impossible task.

This episode we meet MORE Magical Girls, all the Magical Girls from Kosame’s district. This includes Sayuki whose Stick is a sword that harden anything it cuts, Mikari who abuses her butler but actually only has the ability to fly with a broom, Asahi whose necklace enhances all her physical abilities and Kiyoharu who has a ring that grants her telepathy.

Why did I bother listing them all out?

I guess because on their own they don’t seem to be that great a set of skills. Telepathy is hardly going to help get a Site Admin, neither is being able to fly, together though along with the ability to transport anyone anywhere, freeze time and control people it becomes quite the party they have with them.

Well I guess I say control people but that is its own thing, with Nijimi now aware that her two friends have lied and are keeping Rina away from her she’s even more determined to kill Rina, just for Rina to show up at school having joined their class to keep everyone safe whilst they don’t have their sticks. Which is a point at this present moment we have to forget about teleportation and freezing time as well as the bag of tricks that Rina had because they’ve all been lost in the demolished building. There is a hilarious scene which was also a bit hard to watch when Aya and Tsuyuno had to tackle Nijimi and pull her panties off to stop her from making Rina kill herself.

Its a problematic scene but one that is pretty much written from the start to cause problematic scenes. We’ve seen a whole bunch of sticks at this point and this one is by far the most deadly but also the only one that if having to disarm a person from using it ends up looking… Just plain wrong.

Either way Tsuyuno now has the panties, Nijimi has to keep her calm in some ways whilst the others work together to bring down a Site Admin.

It was a decent episode, after the few really dramatic episodes around it though it upped the comedy with Rina entering the school then coming to live with Aya and Tsuyuno. This made the Brother very happy because more Magical Girls are around him, it also gave us a very much not needed bathroom scene between all the characters.

Sarina is very much still a twisted psycho but she’s now kind of being threatened by the Site Admin who doesn’t care what she does as long as she doesn’t go prying, we know what they are doing to Magical Girls that are prying and she gets a proper showing of just how strong Nana is. How the others are going to kidnap one of them I do not know.

I guess it moved the plot along nicely. It introduced new characters with very eccentric personalities, it brought the girls from Aya’s district together whilst also showing off the dangers surrounding them and hitting home that now NONE of Aya’s district have a Magical Stick.

Its left on a cliffhanger with Kiyo phoning Aya and telling her some news that we as the audience don’t hear but which makes Aya cry. What it is we don’t know but I’m sure we’ll find out.


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