DEFIANT Wrestling : Built to Destroy

Not as late as I have been in recent times but DEFIANT Wrestling had Built to Destroy this weekend which was a absolutely packed show with some very interesting matches. Really looking forward to this after Road to Destruction was so good.

Winner : Jimmy Havoc

Utter chaos from the moment it started, KLR tried to dive out at Havoc who scouted it and hit her with a chair. They went out into the crowd pretty early on, got into a staple war and Havoc hit Death Valley Drivers all over the place onto all sorts of things.

KLR stood toe to toe with Havoc like she was born to be in Hardcore matches, not many men can stand toe to toe with Havoc in these matches but she proved she could do anything that the King of Hardcore can do.

After having thumbtacks stuck in her mouth and slapped out and a powerbomb through chairs and a table Havoc managed to beat KLR and show his own kind of respect to KLR dragging her up by her hair just to raise her hand. What a way to start the night?!

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

There was no fussing at the beginning, no messing about. Like that Ameen came down second and went straight for Kidd, happy that Kidd was the dominant force. Another match that went pretty much straight out into the crowd.

For me the problem always is this is a grudge match and Ameen is the underdog and the good guy and in the end he kind of needs to win the feud but he’s just not good enough to get a good win over someone like Kidd. Kidd carried the match and the story of the match.

Dominant win by Kidd. The feud needs to end.

Winner : Lucas Archer

A match that needed to happen but also a match that should have happened before their match at Road to Destruction.

It was a really good match to be honest, the two work really well against each other, similar styles which is why they are a good tag team, knew each other well so was able to scout a lot of the moves and there was a lot of good strong psychology with the backstory of Gracie turning on Archer as well as who in Prospect is the better man. Kind of wanted it to end in a tie, which if we were going forward with them being a team again would make sense.

The internal dilemma whether to hit Archer with a chair or not, to do things proper or do things the wrong way from Gracie was actually amazing and proved once more that he’s actually a lot better then most people give him credit for. The guy is an amazing story teller and I really wish they’d done more with him in his singles push.

Win for Archer, the change from Pin Fall to a hug, the will they won’t they with Gracie making his mind up whether he’d hug Archer and reform Prospect or not… All perfectly played out. Simply a wonderful story.


So Primate comes out and tells us Bad Bones, Kurtis Chapman, David Starr and Matt Riddle are the first four people in the Ring Master Tournament next month.

He also tells us that women will also be in the tournament. Some good names there.


Miller is great on the mic. We knew he would be because he’s Simon bloody Miller, can’t wait for this match to be honest specially as Drake is so very good and Miller looks great.

Winner : Simon Miller

It was a good match and a short one which was needed. Miller has a good way to go before he can look good in a match against someone like Drake on his own pure talent but what little he did do was really good and he got a quick roll up for a victory.

Good match, it was what it needed to be.


Drake is as I said… Angry.

He’s angry at gimmicks, angry he wrestles everywhere else as HT Drake but only gets called Drake in DEFIANT, angry that fans want Miller to have a title shot, angry that he’s here before everyone else and leaves after everyone else but never gets a title shot.


Is been a year and Ospreay is looking forward to his match with Hendry. Not much more to say about it to be honest.

Winners : Aussie Open

It. Was. So. Good.

I’ve become a giant fan of CCK by watching a bunch of PROGRESS shows since the beginning of the year and was always disappointed I’d never got to see them on DEFIANT so Lykos coming back at PROGRESS 71 and then back here to finally debut for DEFIANT was such good news for me. Up against Aussie Open and we got such a brilliant bloody tag match.

CCK do a little bit of everything. Lykos flings himself around the place whilst Brookes is unpredictable and changes it up, Aussie Open both don’t really have one style but Davis will chop your lungs out as soon as look at you whilst Fletcher will come flying at you from all angles. Match had a bit of everything including drama of Brookes getting hurt on the outside leaving Lykos to face the duo of Aussies on his own, even having to step into the ring with the legal man of Davis.

Good showing of heart by Lykos but a Fidget Spinner later and Aussie Open stayed as champions. Would love to see this story go on with another fight down the line.


So is Bea a bad guy now? I loved the whole promo but I hadn’t got the feeling that she was a bad guy when she returned at Road to Destruction. With that promo though I don’t feel she’ll be losing. It’ll be a “growing up” story for Millie being defeated and having to start from scratch… Which also doesn’t really make sense because she’s already beaten Bea in DEFIANT once so this isn’t a new fight.

Winner : Bea Priestley 

It was a fantastic match as you’d expect from the two of them.

Weird in a way that we didn’t get to see the dominating force of Millie McKenzie, that side was put away for a uphill battle against Bea Priestley that saw her struggle much more then the last time we saw the two go one-on-one. Priestley had some wonderful moments and really lived up to her promo, the stomp from the top rope onto Millie who was hanging off the barriers was just horrible to watch.

Was surprised that Bea won the belt, it felt more like because she’s back in the UK they’d capitalize on having her hold it again, then again they were also running out of people to throw at Millie as a out of the gate threat, with the weekly shows gone they couldn’t really build another threat to her so Priestley was a ready made threat people would believe, specially if they’ve forgotten their first match.

Winner : Will Ospreay

Really good technical opening with the two feeling each other out, Ospreay getting the better of Hendry which was slightly surprising.

He had it his way till Hendry used his brains and knocked Ospreay off the top rope and slowed down OSpreay and took his momentum away. It was very much a match played to Hendry’s tune and I wasn’t upset by it to be honest, Ospreay still got to do all the things we love him for but we got the psychological, methodical side to Hendry matches which I love… Because if you didn’t know I’m a super big Hendry fan and not such a big Ospreay fan.

The bell ringing randomly was really weird, I have no idea what that was about, it was just after Hendry grabbed the ankle and reversed the Cheeky Nando’s kick and started a good few moments in the Hendry Lock. It kind of killed some of the momentum of what had been an amazing match.

Ospreay wins and goes ahead to fight Walter.

Winner : Rampage

Brilliant main event to be honest. Standard for both really, didn’t need to tell any kind of story even if Bradshaw did give a few attempts at “surely Kirby can’t hit the Sable Bomb on Rampage” and the such, it was just a good fight. Kirby brought all he had, even tried a Zoidberg elbow to no avail, Rampage did what Rampage always does.

It was a good full stop to the evening, at least action wise, but it also felt slightly lackluster as its just a match that happened. The Magnificent Seven stuff just went nowhere for Kirby he had this match and that was it. That match itself was kind of Joe Hendry’s match even though he lost and building up to this it was the story of No Fun Dunne not Kirby. Rampage has just come off a decent thing with Hendry that needed a match between that and this one to look like he cared for this match as it was it didn’t feel like a championship match.

It didn’t stop it from being a fantastic match because those two are too good not too but at the same time it might have been better to end with the women. If not for…


Simple. He went down to the ring told Rampage he’s next and left. PERFECT ending to Built to Destroy. FANTASTIC, short, sweet and to the point from Kidd. I can not wait and hope they build it a little to the October show instead of just having that match on one of the July shows.



Top quality matches all the way through, the championship matches were all brilliant and the grudge matches all felt like they ended stories well.

Aussie Open/CCK and Archer/Gracie stole the show to be honest. The women’s match was probably the better of the two big Championship matches, I love that the Internet Championship doesn’t always have to be on the show and yet for me its kinda the most must see belt all the time.

Overall a super strong PPV.

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