5 Things… MITB 2018

So we said in the DEFIANT one that this is something we’ll be doing with the WWE reviews, it’ll be the only way we review RAW, SmackDown and NXT but it’ll be a extra to the PPVs and UK Wrestling reviews.

So 5 things…

Kevin Owens OWNING the Backstage Segments

“Have you got pancakes in that bag?”
“………………………….. No”

Owens is just amazing in everything he does, he has great comic timing which makes his segments backstage with interviewers and other wrestlers so much fun. From his entrance to the Pre-Show, his attempts at getting Samoa Joe on side to take out Braun to upsetting the New Day he just made every single segment he was in ten times better.

Pancake, cereal hating Owens vs Big E for a championship down the line needs to happen, two superb athletes and as the “I don’t like pancakes” promo showed can play off each other perfectly.

Tonight was Owens night though.

Rollins proving he’s The Man once again…

Rollins can pull a great match out of anyone, it might not have been the most exciting match especially in a night with two MITB matches but its by far one of the strongest with a good story and made people who didn’t before actually want to see Elias hold a belt.

He might have his problems, he might not be everyone’s favourite but Rollins is The Man.

Return of Ellsworth

Honestly I feel like people were so angry about what happened at MITB last year that WWE fired Ellsworth as if HE was the problem and we’d all shut up about THEIR decision if he just wasn’t there. I’m happy he’s back and whilst I think its odd that Asuka reacted the way she did, it was odd not to have her lose to a roll up, knock Carmella down then continue to stare at the person on the ring apron, I just think its good that he was able to come back after basically being made the scapegoat for MITB.


MITB done right for the women!

Last year was OK but no matter how good the match might have been it will always be tarred for me that a guy grabbed the briefcase.

I’ve heard the arguments for why it was a good story telling moment but for me the iconic picture for the first women’s MITB match spoke words to me, WWE didn’t think a woman could climb a ladder and get the briefcase for themselves.

This year it was fast paced, had plenty of unique and fun ladder sequences, some interesting story telling and great crowded ladder pieces. It was MITB done right for the ladies at last!

So many good moments in the Women’s MITB match, it was a huge step up from last year, I said it in the review and I’ll say it again, the women don’t get enough time in matches like this and it means they lack experience but they make up for that by putting their hearts into it like everything and fighting tooth and nail for their chances.

Naomi just topped it, whilst all of them had amazing moments and Becky Lynch is another close contender to be mentioned Naomi very much had my favourite moments and came so close to winning in one of two very awkward moments that were mistimed and left someone clutching the briefcase for just a little too long.

Naomi won the night for me though.


Honestly it was a war between two guys that we’ve kind of been waiting to see go to war for a long time. Their feud to this point had been kind of lukewarm and the build to this match had been amazing, it didn’t disappoint either.

The Champion full of heart who wouldn’t give up, the sadistic challenger who wanted nothing more then to destroy his opponent and walk away with his treasure. Story telling in the match was on point, it really made you get involved even at 3am after two lackluster matches.

Finally the AJ vs Nakamura match we had been waiting for.


Honorable Mentions…

I can only pick 5 but the Alexa Bliss cash in, Sunil’s acting and the Men’s MITB match all kind of deserve a mention. I was thinking of taking Ellsworth out and putting in Bliss but I think Ellsworth got a lot of shit for last year which wasn’t his fault he was just doing his job and this is kind of a nice make up for that shit.


We will be starting the RAW and Smackdown reviews from this week hopefully depending on how my work schedule is like. This is the way we’ll be reviewing both shows, possibility of being split into 5 segments/matches then a second part with our 5 highlighted superstars but we’ll see. I might not even be able to find 5 things worth talking about so we’ll see how it plays out. Please feel free to leave a comment telling us how you’d like to see WWE be reviewed on the site from now on, we’d love to hear from you all.


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