5 Things… DEFIANT Wrestling Built to Destroy

So our review is out and here we’ll take a look at our 5 best moments of Built to Destroy mainly because it was a super strong PPV so there isn’t anything really bad to say about it.

No one will get out of Jimmy Havocs way

Why the hell wouldn’t they? From the very beginning of his opening match with KLR he was in his normal chaotic mind frame yet no matter how much he screamed at people to get out of the way, no matter how often he flung KLR towards people they just wouldn’t move.


Drake wants a title shot by the sounds of it but I’m not too sure. It was a good promo though and something I’ve always said that Drake does well and I feel he does deserve to be put into the Internet Championship picture or maybe the Hardcore one.

Great promo, wish he does get a shot at something.

The Battle of Prospects

This match had no right to be as good as it was but it stole the opening part of the show. It told a wonderful story, it highlighted two guys one of whom hasn’t really in DEFIANT ever been showcased as a singles competitor, I really honestly thought it was going to go the distance and we’d get a draw but instead we got a lovely win from Archer who went from pinning his opponent to hugging his best friend.

It ended with hugs, respect and Prospect being back together.


CCK debuted all those months ago with Lykos being injured in reality and story line. As someone who has grown to love Lykos in the last few months from re-watching things on PROGRESS with him and Brookes for some reason I was extremely emotional for him coming back I can’t even imagine how emotional it would be for people who have always liked them.

Finally having CCK in DEFIANT is great news.

I’m Next

Gabriel Kidd ending the show with the simple statement that he’ll be the next guy to face off against Rampage for the title was perfect.

It’s been a long road for Kidd and I think he’s a good shout to start feuding with Rampage, I wouldn’t like to see the match in the next PPV, in fact I’d like Rampage to have some non-title defenses and have Kidd just stalk him at ringside or something, there needs to be a little bit of a build so they need to think about it carefully. I really liked that as a ending, not a long drawn out drabble about how he deserves something, he didn’t do anything other then come out say those two words and leave.

Perfect ending.

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