DEFIANT Wrestling : Road to Destruction

It feels weird having these Road to… mini PPVS. Like I’m not too sure how I like the non-weekly show format but if its what is best for them then that is what is best for them. It meant that I had 0 need to run out and watch this when it came online until I had a bunch of time to myself.

Winners : Aussie Open

Good opening match, the returning Prospect who before they broke up were pretty much beloved by the DEFIANT crowds and the new favourite team in Aussie Open. It was non-title so you couldn’t really guess which way the match was going. It was a pretty decent match showing off both teams. Aussie Open were probably the more exciting to watch, the dynamic of the team is still one of my favourite with the faster Fletcher and the slower Davis whilst Prospect are underdogs that you love but as they’ve only just got back together and there is no real…. ending to the end of Prospect the first time you just didn’t feel the same towards them.

Match felt it went a little too long for a match with a returning team, it didn’t really build them any steam but also didn’t do much for the champions, got a bit luggish nearer the end. Nice to see that the crowd were fully behind Aussie Open though.


So Archer actually did end up talking about what happened and whilst they are friends and want to be a tag team Archer also wants to fight Gracie on the anniversary of the turn to see if he can beat Gracie. Gracie agrees warning the hospital wherever they are fighting in the UK (pretty much his words not mine) will be busy putting them back together after that fight.

Not the best of promos from either but at least they are going to do something with all this.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

Another good but nothing special match. I think rightfully so it ended up being a title match after Austin eliminated Millie in the Rumble which I missed completely but its another story that suffers from not really having any build to it. If the weekly shows are gone DEFIANT might want to start filming more promos and getting them out there before these shows to build some kind of interest before what actually is a big title defence.

Would have been better if Austin had asked for a title match, McKenzie had said yes but Primate had come out and said no but Austin would get a title match at Built to Destroy if she beats McKenzie in this match or something like that. You just never really felt McKenzie was going to lose her title on what is yet isn’t a PPV. Like its a PPV building to a PPV… With no matches in between unless you got a screwy finish or a draw then it feels like a weird match to have. Ending sucked, it was kinda screwy, not really but it was annoying, but not in a way that would see Austin get a rematch so it was kind of a pointless title defence.


After the match Lana Austin attacks McKenzie after McKenzie raises Austin’s hand. I get that Millie is a badass and this is for them enough to make McKenzie want a rematch but… Yeah.


MISTER Primate is making his office in the back of a van, Damien Dunne makes the point he’s beaten Kirby so deserves a title shot if Kirby deserved one too… It was a nice little moment but please never let Dunne be murdered by Rampage.

Winner : No Fun Dunne

Absolutely loved the match if I’m honest. The two worked really well together, it was the perfect length with the perfect use of both of their personalities and gimmicks. Both actually made the crowd react a whole bunch more then the first two matches and it was just great to watch.

Always like the crowd reaction to Dunne, the Kiss Lock was perfectly done and the ending with Dunne throwing the ref into the ropes to topple Sexsmith off the top rope gives us the hope we’ll get to see a second match at Built to Destroy itself.

Just a very good match. Felt like the night had finally started.

Winners : CCKay

To be honest  if I had to pick a partner for Brookes then I actually don’t think I could pick a more perfect one then Kay Lee Ray to be honest. This is building for her Hardcore Title Match against Havok at the actual PPV and whilst this was meant to be a PPV it just ended up being chaos.

Which I loved.

So many great moments in the match which didn’t start until it ended. We had everything from Jimmy Havoc attacking the ref constantly, fighting in a photo booth, flying off of high places and paper cuts.

Ending was great with the ref kicking Havoc in the nuts to give CCKay the win. Just a fantastic match all around even though it isn’t a proper match either.


As always he tries to get his point across but he’s managed to upset the crowd so much that they interrupted him all the time which is great because they had been pretty quiet through the majority of the beginning of the show, slowly coming to life from the Dunne/Sexsmith match to now. If there is anyone who can get a crowd to react the way he wants them too its Hendry.

Perfect promo as always.

Also he announces the Joe Hendry show live for just before his match with Rampage. It was pretty amazing.

Winner : Rampage

It was short which I loved because I want a super dominant Rampage. It was hilarious which I loved because I want a super fun Joe Hendry.

Just the perfect match.

Hoping with Hendry going to Impact we’ll still get to see him because he really is the backbone of DEFIANT.


Brookes gets a tag team championship match at Built to Destroy, Primate will find out who he will tag with though the commentators then said Brookes can pick his own partner but overall it’ll be a good match.

With Primate saying he has friends in the animal kingdom I’m hoping for Big Grizzly… Wild Boar… Eddie Ryan… I have no more animal related favourites so there.

Winner : Martin Kirby

Another fantastic match. Very fast paced, probably the best match so far of the night. Came at the perfect time as well after the rather short and sweet title match, it was a great contest against two of the most loved wrestlers in DEFIANT. Neither gave anyone a chance to breath, the moment one hit a big move and went for a three count just to get a two count the other hit something pretty much as devastating to counter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a one-on-one match between them and if I have it was nowhere near as good as this one turned out to be.

Actually didn’t think Kirby would win it, Kirby needed the momentum for his Rampage match but I’d quite like to see Starr get a push very soon. Him vs Rampage, him possibly having a title reign in DEFIANT all seem like things I would really love.

Lovely show of respect at the end.


She isn’t getting a rematch she’s getting suspended for 30 days which… Doesn’t really do much seeing there isn’t actually that many things happening within in the next 30 days that Lana could be doing.

Winner : Bea Priestley 

Happy to see that whilst we might get little to no build up to a title match there was at least a match to find a opponent for McKenzie and there was even a fresh face in there.

It was a fantastic match, I didn’t like Chardonnay as much as I liked Priestley and felt like it was obvious that Priestley would be the one to go on the moment she came out to the ring but it is nice that we at least got to see a new face and you feel like DEFIANT do care a little about showcasing the women.

Ending was a bit weird, I get that Chardonnay reversed the stomp the first time but it just looked scruffy, when she finally did get the stomp in it was great. Continuing to raise the bar during the night.


Hendry really is one of the best, he makes me laugh so much and him and Primate are perfect together. Primate tells him that he’ll get his match against Ospreay and if he wins he gets a shot at the Internet Championship where he can’t talk because that division needs to walk the walk not talk the talk.

Winner : Simon Miller & Prince Ameen

This is a interesting match, I’m happy that DEFIANT are giving Miller the chance to wrestle for them. The Why? Section signs were my favourite thing.

Of course it wasn’t the best match in the world but it was a lot better then I thought it would be if I’m honest. Miller is new and I don’t like Ameen so obviously it wasn’t going to be the best match but it served a purpose and with the bad guys cheating it set up two singles matches for Built to Destroy.

A good match leading into a fantastic main event.

Winner : Walter

A ridiculously good Main Event…

You did have to wonder how all three of them would get their moment to shine, all three have very different styles and extremely demanding ring presence. Whilst Walter was always going to throw people around and chop their lungs out of their chests and you could see Banks doing his Kiwi Terminator stuff and bouncing around throwing his knees in people’s faces it was hard to see how we’d get a prolonged sequence of ZSJ tying people up like they are made of string.

We got it though. We got a bit of everything.

In the end though no one could do anything to stop the terrifying figure of Walter who actually made ZSJ tap which is… Scary.


To be honest my final thought as Walter’s music hit and we had a new champion was “is this the last we’ll see of Banks seeing he’s off to WWE for the UK Tournament and possible WWE Brand?”

It was a great night overall to be honest, some really strong matches and one of their best matches of the year for the main event. Really strong story telling too and setting up for Built to Destroy.

I do miss DEFIANT being weekly but this has actually been a really good compared to the last few shows. Looking really good for DEFIANT going forward.

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