5 Things… DEFIANT Wrestling Road to Destruction

I might in the coming months start instead of reviewing RAW and SmackDown doing a 5 Things… Review instead. I thought I’d give it a try with this show even though its a different beast, the WWE ones might end up being less a 5 things as in 5 THINGS but 5 things spread across a few different things… We’ll come to that when it happens though.

So 5 Things about DEFIANT Wrestling’s Road to Destruction!

Joe Hendry Show Cancelled…

I will write something very soon about how DEFIANT kind of feels like the Joe Hendry show but this was just a brilliant moment. It felt like they had a lot of time to play with at the end of the show so let Hendry go out and run his mouth for forever, it felt like he thought his match was later on and he’d come out again to talk but instead Rampage came out, cancelled the show and beat him in a spectacular fashion.

RIP Joe Hendry Show (which isn’t actually dead and you can find it when he streams it on his Twitch page because he’s actually a bloody brilliant guy to follow so go follow him.)

Prospect IMPLODE again…. Kinda

So the lack of weekly show didn’t do this story much good. Archer returned just to help out Gracie who after returning himself after having some drama in his life is now a good guy again. The team got a match against the tag team champions, not for the belts, and came up short and a very dodgy promo later we got a match between the two at Built to Destroy, a year after Gracie turned on Archer, for whatever reasons they decided to go for.

It was honestly a poor promo from both Archer and Gracie BUT if you were even a little bit invested in both or either then it just worked. It was emotional and it was the match that needed to happen, it needed to happen before they reunited but at least it is happening.

Jimmy Havoc rules

Lets face it you just can’t control Jimmy Havoc and even in a intergender match he’ll make it up as he goes along.

Havoc has been one of my favourite wrestlers for a long time not because he’s the greatest wrestler but because he feels like a real person. I was saying to my mum today that out of all the wrestlers I watch in any promotion all around the world Havoc is the one guy I’d love to just go out and have a beer with. Not even because I’d want to talk about wrestling with him because he just comes across as the coolest guy to be around.

Havoc matches are always complete chaos, anything with Havoc in it is a must see. He’s giving DEFIANT a kiss of life since starting with them and continues to be a highlight on every show.

MISTER Primate

Bennett was a disappointing GM, he was way too busy to be at all the shows and he had little to no impact other then being a interesting commentator when he was at shows.

In his first day of being GM Primate probably actually is my favourite GM to date over the DEFIANT/WCPW history. That is lofty praise seeing I am 100% biased to Adam Pacitti no matter what the man is doing because I love him.

Primate got his nose stuck into people’s business when needed too, suspending Austin after her attack on McKenzie post-match and putting super stars like Joe Hendry in their place, he was all nicey nice to the good guys letting them call him Jay whilst insisting that the bad guys call him MISTER Primate. He was that crazy kind of GM like Mick Foley as commissioner back in the day, making his office in the back of a van and talking to his Primate mask.

Everything about him as GM worked. He has history with these people, he’s been in their shoes and he has been a important part of DEFIANT/WCPW from pretty much the beginning. The man made the biggest impact from day one and I’m so happy he’s GM.


Walter vs Banks vs Saber Jr…

I would say need I say more but I feel the obvious answer is yes.

Three of the best in the world today, three very different wrestling styles and one title that actually, in my opinion, has been the most exciting title in DEFIANT/WCPW. All three of the gentlemen brought their own flavor to the show, all three had different stories to tell and in the end the scariest of the three won the title making it the most scary title to think about.

It was the main event of my dreams and it made me cry thinking about what it means for the Internet Championship….



As I said this is how I plan on kind of doing RAW, SmackDown, NXT and maybe 205 Live reviews from now on. Its hard to keep attention for all three shows so trying to pick out maybe 5 points and 5 people (making it more a 10 things…) from each show is going to be the best way forward. Let me know if you have any opinions on how we should do it going forward, we’ll be doing MITB tonight (yeah it was done weeks ago but I’ve just edited this so I know fully well how late it is) or if you like this idea. We’re open to suggestions and feel like we’ll probably start RAW and SmackDown at least after this weekend.

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