Week 24 : Can Wars Ever be Just?

To be Just you have to fight for what is morally right. Can a war therefore be Just?

To be honest its a weird one because War on one side of the fight is always Just. After all the side fighting for the people, for freedom or to stop evil is always fighting for the morally right reasons and therefore it is always Just.

You could say War itself is started usually for the wrong reasons though but that would itself isn’t exactly correct. Civil Wars tend to be started for the right reasons, uprisings and so on to free people and help move society forward, a lot of wars, specially recent ones are hidden behind the pretense of being Just but usually are for greed of people in charge.

On the other hand the winners of the wars are the ones that write the history books so they tend to be the ones that decide what is and isn’t Just. Whilst we know that what the Nazi’s did in WWII was evil if they had won our generation and those after would have learnt that their actions had been Just because to them they were and if they had won their morality, no matter how twisted it is, would have been the one that then ruled over most of Europe. A horrifying thought but that is what would have happened!

Its one of those things where the word Just means something but because humans tend to be the craziest of species and twist everything to mean what they want it to mean all sides of any War will think their actions are Just because their morality will be twisted for them to believe what they are doing is morally right. Whilst there is a overwhelming agreement on morality it is never followed by all no matter how much they agree with it. For example we can agree that lying is immoral but when we have to tell a white lie we tell ourselves it isn’t the same as the lie that is morally wrong therefore convince ourselves that lying for this sake is Just.

So I think I’ve convinced myself that for humanity War is always Just. It is because those starting Wars and fueling them feel they are. They don’t have to actually be Just for them to BE Just in the eyes of those instigating them. Some are more then others because some are fought for the right reasons whilst others are fought for stupid reasons but in the eyes of those who start them then they are doing what they believe are morally right.

I guess when you look at them logically you can say “no they aren’t” but when it comes to humanity we are a strange bunch and in general no matter how wrong we are we make ourselves believe that what we do is morally correct and Just. Its what makes us so scary I guess.

One thought on “Week 24 : Can Wars Ever be Just?”

  1. This is a difficult question, because ideally we’d all like to say, “Of course war isn’t just! War is never the answer!” But there are times when it is just and it is the answer when oppression comes into play.

    So I do think that there are wars that are Just, but there are also wars that for me, don’t fit that criteria.

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