My Life as a Playlist Week 23

First off the Kimmy Schimdt review was MEANT to be out yesterday but I pressed the wrong button and saved it as a draft instead of scheduling it. I will get that out sometime don’t you worry about it (I want to double check just in case I saved it as a draft for a reason.)

Second off this week has been a little tiring for me. I spent a lot of it in pain and with my sister so there isn’t really much to talk about. So yeah another one of those weeks.

Afraid of the World – The Stanfields

I’m afraid of big talkers who act like they know 
Sacrifice, struggle and life down below 
The dizzying heights of the status quo 
But I’m not afraid of the world 
I’m not afraid of the world 

I dunno I quite liked the song. I mean I guess there is a little of that to my week, people who talk big and are in charge of parts of my life. The world isn’t really that scary but people who have had power over me for reasons in my life have made it a scary place and I think I’m getting more used to figuring out that it is them I should be scared of then the world itself.

In a way that has helped me. I’ve just kind of let go of some of my troubles and spoke my mind this week and I dunno… It might not be as positive as I feel its been so far but yeah.

Hideaway – Dan Owen

And it’s a slow cry out
When you’ve got so many tears you could die
And it’s a long time to wait
When you take all my tears away

Like to be fair my depression hasn’t been too bad this week to be honest. This though speaks volumes to me when it comes to how I feel the majority of the time.

I quite like it even if it doesn’t really do much to describe this actual week its a good song to describe how I feel so much of the time.

Made to Love you – Dan Owen

THEN I saw this one and I just fell in love with it for the same reason.

I never thought it could be
And there was nothing that could make me let you go
‘Cause you were my wildest dream

Again my week hasn’t really had much to do with my problems but I just read those lines and was like I could have used this song so many times in the past. In fact that part of my life is one of the ones I’ve kind of just forgotten and in a way feel a little more positive about.

Everyone Else is an Asshole – Reel Big Fish

I tried to be nice
I tried to live my life
But everyone else is an asshole

Do I need to say more? I did like 30-45 minutes on self service and that is just evidence enough.

I tried not to mind
I tried to be so kind
But everyone else is an asshole

Just one of those weeks…

I tried to let love rule
But I feel like such a fool
Cause everyone else is an asshole


Sorry its short and sweet but as I said I’ve been in a lot of pain this week. We actually had a super productive day on Thursday I just had to finish editing and release a bunch of stuff and then I lost motivation because of being in pain and getting no support at home and its just fallen to piece again.

I will hopefully get my act together in the next few days and release a bunch of the stuff we have done. All the anime reviews are up to date they just need final work done to them so there will be, hopefully, a lot of that when I have some spare time. Since coming back to work though every day is a struggle and I’m really just struggling… Struggle.


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