Persona 5 : He Is my Other Self

Episode 7

So we now know we’re going after Madarame for certain after figuring out that he is stealing his students work.

Now they just need to figure out how to get to the Treasure in the Palace.

So once more we find out Palace’s are much harder to work out then we realised. This time there is a locked door that can only be unlocked by making Madarame see that the room is unlocked on the outside. This means that Ann is given the challenge of distracting Yusuke long enough so that Morgana can open the door and they can have Madarame see it open.

This also drives Yusuke to the Phantoms as he finds out Madarame has lied about the Sayuri painting being stolen and it turns out to be the final straw broken.

Yusuke’s transformation is actually pretty awesome and unlike the others he didn’t need to have his hand held through it all, he took to it pretty well and has his eye on the prize. I like Yusuke a whole bunch and feel like I’m gonna hate whatever the final twist in his story is, he’s a pretty down to earth kid as he’s lived through a whole bunch. They all have but to a degree him and Ann really have had it so much worse then the others.

Seeing the Phantoms grow is great too.

To be honest these episodes tend to feel a lot longer then they are, they tend to have so much packed into them that they feel like they go on forever. By the time the episode ended it was hard to remember that we started it with Ann going to be painted nude by Yusuke and the two halves don’t feel like they fit together either even though it flowed so well. Again so many cool things are happening though that there isn’t enough time to truly actually explore them, there were really cool paintings that you could walk into that just weren’t really looked into very much because it was something happening whilst Yusuke and Ann were busy with Madarame.

If the episodes follow any kind of pattern then Madarame is going to be defeated in the next episode which means that other then the after credits scene there is going to be no more real exploration into the Palace.

Also why do they have such important things happening after the credits, we go back to see Igor at the end of the episode which seems like something people will miss if they don’t bother to watch the credit scenes.

Overall it was a OK episode but again its just all kind of thrown together so that they can get through the story fast. Its a shame because I feel its missing so much whilst its busy cramming the episodes full of story. Most important thing about the episode though was being able to accept Yusuke as part of the group and to be honest I think its easy to accept him even without his story because his personality is so different that he brings a interesting dynamic to the group that the others are lacking. I mean Ann and Ryuji have very similar loud personalities whilst Ren doesn’t have one at all and Morgana is more like the tutorial for all characters rather then a character himself. Yusuke brings a decent new twist to the team.


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