Week 23 : Is Love Just a Feeling?

Sorry that it didn’t come out on Monday but we’ve been just totally behind on everything the last two weeks so here is our weekly question just a few days late.

I don’t think Love can really be explained. Its a word that we attach to so much and want to mean things we can’t explain. Of course its a feeling as it is a word created and defined by an emotional attachment to something/someone. That is its entire point.

Like most things though words grow into more then just their defined meaning and Love has come to be such a powerful tool, a weapon and just simply a feeling.

You can say you love your favourite band, a certain brand of chocolate, your family or even close friends. No one will ever ask for proof, they’ll never give you speeches about how it isn’t true love it’ll just be a fact that people agree with. Of course your favourite band can do something that will break your heart (extreme case for me is I can never listen to LostProphets again for what their lead singer turned out to be), your favourite chocolate can be brought out by another company and taste like crap or shrink in size (Cadbury’s Creme Eggs….), families fight and so do friends and again no one will question your change of heart or the verbage you use to describe something you once loved.

In this case the word is a feeling of strong attachment to something. Its used in the correct fashion and no one cares.

When it comes to romantic Love though its often a mine field that at least once in your life you get bogged down in and mess up. Its a weapon used by those smart enough to know how to use it to hurt others and bend them to their will, its the heaviest weight for those who seek it and will put up with just about anything to keep it when they find it, its some people’s absolute nightmare when they find it and can’t have it and its a distant, far off and foreign thing to some who want it but never seem to find it.

Of course others do find it and it all works out fine for them.

EVEN THEN though when it comes to romantic Love everyone has a opinion, some people will question the very being of your feelings and tear everything apart. Friendships are destroyed, bonds broken and all in the name of Love.

The thing is romantic Love is probably the one that is most mixed when it comes to what it is.

Its probably the most natural of feelings, its a longing to belong and be close to someone else. Its a natural and carnal feeling you feel towards someone else. But its also one we are taught by the media, other people and just life itself that we NEED regardless of whether you end up feeling it or not sometimes you are forced to manufacture that feeling to feel “normal”. As I said its a word that can then be used as a weapon by others to get what they need and can be implanted into the victim and feel so real when in actual fact its real because no one can really explain what that type of Love should feel like.

Something easy to fake, hard to get over and mixes all sorts of feelings, senses and logic into it.

We usually end these types of questions with a “this is how it is defined by the dictionary so this is what it means” but to be honest this is a word that just doesn’t really have a definition as such. It has such a varied meaning now and the one that everyone craves isn’t a feeling that you can put into words.

Lets face it all I ever talk about is how much I’m in love with a certain someone at the moment but I couldn’t tell you why I know I’m in love with him. I can’t explain it in any sort of logical way, I couldn’t make you believe in what I say and worst of all you could sit there and completely debunk how I feel.

The simple fact is that romantic Love just isn’t JUST a feeling. Its a complicated mess of all those horrible little things that make us human. It sucks even when you find it, even when its returned. Love isn’t simple but it also just shouldn’t be either.

So my answer is who flippin’ cares? Love is Love no matter how you get to it.

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