Persona 5 : Our Next Target Is…

Episode 6

Moving on to the next target this episode covers everything from finding out who the target is to how to get into his Palace. Quite a lot is covered to be honest.

It is a pretty packed episode. It seemed to want to introduce a bunch of characters as well as the next target. There was a lot packed into it which kind of makes you worry just how much information they are going to cram into episodes from now on.

Madarame is the target, a famous painter who is known for his varying artistic styles but turns out its because he plagiarises his students work.

Not being honest about all this is the victim Yusuke, the guy from the last episode that was stalking his girlfriend comes back to tell the group about Madarame’s crimes and that is when they decide for sure to pursue him as a target. Yusuke himself seems interesting enough as does the student council leader who was kinda brought to more attention in this episode but overall it was trying to do too much to get a real interest in either.

Personally I do feel like it was too easy for them to just wander into a new target. They just so happened to be stalked by a victim and have just fought a former victim. I guess its more a game mechanic thing then anything, it might make more sense in game form then it does in a show.

Madarame’s palace is pretty cool looking but I do think I liked the Castle over the Museum, I feel like it didn’t really have the same effect. I mean it had a creepier idea behind it, all the pupils that he had stolen stuff from being portraits on the wall, but it wasn’t really hit home just how scary and upsetting that should be to the audience. Even his Shadow wasn’t quite so in your face as Kamoshida and I feel they’ve lost something in translation because I’ve heard that in the game you really don’t like him because he’s a real piece of work and the palace is really good at getting that sad feeling across.

Its a ongoing problem for me that I just feel it hasn’t been given enough love and attention being brought into anime form to get across a lot of the emotions that it really needs.

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