Mahou Shoujo Site : Fake

Episode 6

“Feiku” (フェイク)

Its been a while, I can’t really remember what happened last episode so yeah. Next episode.

So much happened though. We have a new Magical Girl, we have the evil Brother now happily waiting to use Nijimi who is in love with the evil Brother and we now have a whole flippin’ council of creepy as hell Admins.

Kosame is a self harmer that was given a Stanley knife Wand that allows her to cut herself and use her blood to heal people, she heals that wounds that Aya and Tsuyuno got from their fight with Sarina and also brings Rina out of her coma purely to get help with Tempest.

Her arrival also introduces us to different Admins, a whole world of Magical Girls and a organised attempt to figure out and stop or beat Tempest.

I was guessing Tempest was a storm but it looks like something is going to be born… I mean the screen just before Kosame searched for Tempest just after clicking the back door looked like sperm trying to penetrate a egg, unless it means nothing and is just normal horrible imagery. It looks more like a birth then a storm though.

We got to learn a lot about why the Admins are picking girls who have had horrible things happen to them though, they are collecting negative energy in the Sticks which obviously is helped along if you give the stick to someone who tends to have a lot of negative energy around them anyway.

Overall its a Lose-Lose situation though.

Aya points out that using the Sticks means the girls lose their life and the Admins, knowing that the girls know too much, start killing them off anyway. If someone did manage to fill a stick, survive and get to Tempest I doubt the Admins would allow them to survive.

So those lot decide to work together whilst Nijimi as I said is about to get used by the brother for his own purposes as he’s clicked onto the Magical Girl stuff and is ready to use whatever power Nijimi has to make sure that his sister is forever his punching bag.

Can’t wait to see how the plan to capture a Site Admin is going to go down.

After the credits we did see a girl suspended looking creepy. Thinking about it that could be what is inside the egg and the sperm is the negative energy and she’s the one that is going to awaken… Maybe she is Tempest?




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