5 Things… When Titus sings! Our top 5 favourite songs, usually by Titus, from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

We will be reviewing the new series of Kimmy Schmidt on here in the coming weeks, its all out on Netflix right now but we’ll be reviewing on episode a week here so to get us in the mood here are 5 of our favourite songs from Kimmy Schmidt… And yes the majority of them are Titus songs.

5. Boobs in California (S3E4 : Kimmy goes to College!)

Of all the songs that Titus had to sing in Kimmy goes to College this was the most offensive to him and it is wonderful! Its his big hit and such a catchy song. Like when he started going on about it being a offensive song I had no idea what to expect and then this is what I got to see. Its actually a song I listen to all the time because its just a wonderful catchy, crappy pop song.

4. Peeno Noir (S1E6 : Kimmy Goes to School!)

Another Titus classic, a rap song that he just kind of rhymed a load of words together. Its the music video that really makes this one for me though, the fact that he just showed up in random places. It really was the rip off of the overalls to the dress at the end, the one he did in the Vorhee’s house, that I loved the most about it.

3. Just Go On (S2E5 : Kimmy Gives Up!)

A few mood swings and bad luck in Kimmy Gives Up! ended with Lilian cheering up Titus by joining him in a sing-a-long to one of his musicals. It was wonderfully uplifting over a montage of things that were actually pretty sad in the long run but the message kind of was just that you don’t know what is going to happen next and sometimes moving on is what you need to do even though you don’t know what you are moving on to.

2. Hold Up (S3E2 : Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!)

Do I need to say anymore?

1. Unbreakable

I have to say that I love the opening credit song, it was what hooked me on the series and Kimmy Schmidt is the ONLY intro that I watch no matter what. Who even thought of putting a skip intro button at the beginning of this show? Its just the best.



We start the reviews this Saturday. So watch out for them.


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