My Life as a Playlist Week 22

So I promised to get my shit together and do some stuff this week then life happened and I semi-edited one blog before passing it off for another day and then dying slowly.

I can’t make ANY promises this week as I’m working a ton and just have 0 motivation but… BUT! The STREAK is not going anywhere so the Playlist is set.


The Wounded World – As It Is

A load of these are more lyrics being taken out of context they were probably written for and bent to talk about my week. Its been a hectic one at work and really hard for me, I need to keep my eye on the money right now because of holiday (WOO BENIDORM IN OCTOBER!) and stuff but at the same time because of the shifts I tend to do I’m struggling because of my injury.

Why I picked this song though is because this week has been a struggle just because of problems at work from the Visa crisis to our self service machines being shitty today so being switched off pretty much all day which upset people so much.

So raise your white flags up
And let surrender eclipse the sun
Will we never learn?
We’re pointing the finger
That’s pulling the trigger
And in case you haven’t heard
We’re all to blame for the wounded world

Like this is just how I feel. Things go wrong and you get the blame no matter how much of the blame is yours… And most of what was going wrong this week had absolutely 0 to do with me.

Chasin’ The Feeling – Biters

But I keep looking for that one thing
To get me loose
Set me free

I’m doing my best to just try and find something that makes me happy and this week its made it a little easier and I feel I’m getting somewhere but its hard and you just have to keep going. Kinda guess that one day I’ll reach that moment but you just have to keep chasing it.

I’ve got so many scars
Out on the boulevard
I gotta get it before it’s gone
I’m chasin’
Chasin’ the feeling

Just gotta keep on going…

Ever Again – Andrew W.K.

To be honest I grew up with the headbanging, fun Andrew W.K and I haven’t really listened to much since then, as the whole using Spotify thing proves I just don’t listen to music very often so I was really surprised in a good way when I heard this one.

People say that we’re born with a purpose
And that we’re meant to make our dreams come true
But if our dreams start to crumble, they can bury us
Gotta take yourself out and push on through

I mean isn’t that kinda what I’ve been moaning and bitching about now for ages? Things start to go the way I kind of always wanted them to and when they start to go wrong I panic and let myself get buried. I found my dream man but whilst he might never have felt the same way instead of cultivating a good relationship I just got buried in self doubt and ruined everything. I have a good job but I’m already looking for a out because the smallest bumps in the road have devastated me.

I’ll admit there were times I was terrified
I honestly thought I wouldn’t survive
But I learned a lot from my trip to the dark side
And from here on out I’ll keep my light alive

This is kind of me at the moment and I’m working hard to get out. I’m surprised how much this song touched me to be honest.

These Days – Rudimental

I picked this song basically because I was going to do so much today but I had my tea, made myself sick somehow and now am struggling to do much. This blog has taken me like three hours. This song kinda cheered me up though, its kinda a happy song. I don’t pay attention to the lyrics or anything much but I love just listening to it.


I doubt very much that I’m going to get much shit done this week, I don’t think the weekly question will even be out on time as I haven’t edited it, was going to do it tonight and think I’ve given myself food poisoning. We’ll see how the week goes though, it’ll be a tough one mentally and physically either way.


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