My Life As a Playlist Week 21

This week has been the least productive week in a while mainly because it was the first week in a long time that I had to do a lot of overtime so was just busy and didn’t get around to editing anything. I have a few days off now before back to work so hopefully I’ll update everything.

Till then I have a bit of a mixed up one, partly life related and partly cop out choices.


So Spotify was pissing me off so I was just tottling about trying to find songs to put this together and something just reminded me of this song.

InMe was one of my favourite bands growing up even though I didn’t exactly follow them that much, Firefly was one of my absolute favourite songs and just because it popped into my head I thought I’d share it with you. Honestly check them out, this song is wonderful and I don’t know why but it’ll pop up in my head from time to time and I get obsessed by it.

Just a lovely song I thought I’d share.

Ready for Love Again – Salvador Sobral

I’m trying to accept
That today I’m in a sentimental mood
Maybe it’s the way to prepare
For something that is good
My heart is ready for love again

I’ve been feeling it this week. I think finally being back at work, feeling like I’m being helpful and having my mind kept busy for me has really helped me focus on just moving on with my life. I mean after last week bowling and just other things that have happened this week I want to be able to find my own happy place and just not care anymore about small things I can’t change.

I drew a line to feel safe
It’s a place no one can break in
Where the beginning meets the end
A place the lonely understand
Where no one hurts you
‘Cause no one cares

Keeping safe didn’t keep me safe. Just so you know…

Stepped out
Flew over the nest
Two birds crossing the border
Gazed down
On green looking plains
On seeds to become flowers
Your colors over the grey
Are blooming after the rain
In my garden

Getting away from my safe space is going to be the thing I try and do more of this year. To be honest been back to watching Twitch streams and Hexy has said twice this week something like you fail all the opportunities you don’t take and that is true. I tried to play it safe and didn’t work towards things I wanted and now I’ve ended up in a hole where I can’t move forward so… I need to keep going.

Fight Song – Marilyn Manson

Just my general mood at times. Fighting to actually do my job because my arm is so fucked up, fighting to be normal. Just fighting in general. Its a good go to war with the world song obviously and one of my all time favourite songs. I do feel like screaming it at times.

Conquered the week though, even went Maccies twice in one week with a bunch of really amazing people. Life is a fight but sometimes you gotta just keep swinging to win.

Cheer Up – Reel Big Fish

I’ve got a funny feelin’ we’re all born to lose
And I’ve got a funny feelin’ that this life ain’t worth livin’ throughΒ 
I’ve been depressed and I get so stressed
Life sucks. I don’t wonder why. That’s tough.
I just keep on tryin’, so I won’t be the one not havin’ any fun

Reel Big Fish is honestly a band that I could just quote all day every day to explain everything. I love Reel Big Fish more then anything. This message though… Its kinda just what I was saying above.

Life sucks, everyone has shitty things that happen to them. So many people now have debilitating mental problems they have to overcome whilst not talking about them because people who DON’T have them just don’t understand and don’t really want to either.

Thing is I’ve stressed over the things that upset me and it hasn’t done a single fucking thing other then make me more depressed. I need to just keep going and trying.



So that is it for this week with not that long to go for this week.

As I said I’m gonna be hopefully getting my shit together the next two days and getting everything that needs to come out, out. It will be the first week our weekly Question ends up later in the day because I haven’t actually edited it yet and I’m watching IAmProblemtiq playing Detroit : Become Human that I doubt I’m gonna get anything done tonight.

Hope your weeks have all gone well.


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