Week 21 : If we live in a computer simulator, does it make a difference to the meaning of life?

One of the definitions of life is ‘the existence of an individual human being or animal’. Based purely upon that notion, surely if we were to live in a computer simulated world we would still be living because we are still existing?

It would be a very different life to the one that we are used to of course, in a computer simulated world we would be able to negate all of the natural disasters, we could go back and do a factory reset of the world if it became something that no one liked. 

Living in a computer simulated world would come with its issues, as all technology does. Would this simulation ever crash? Would it glitch? Could a computer virus infect the minds of everyone within the simulated world? What if one day everyone suddenly became chickens and pecked at the floor all because the antivirus wasn’t renewed of the firewall wasn’t strong enough, it would become a pandemonium. 

Also if we were to die in a computer simulation how would it work? Would we come back to life in the real world and be able to return to the simulated world? I think the best solution would be that once you die in the simulated world you return to normal life in the real world, if we were able to continuously return then we would be experiencing immortal life and no one should have that kind of power or responsibility.

If we live in what is effectively a fake world, what would constitute an accolade? Would anything feel like an accomplishment if once you left that world it counted for nothing? Similarly when you play a game and get all the trophies for the game, sure you have the bragging rights to anyone you know, but does it really affect your life in any way? You don’t have a better career for it, you don’t have a better house for it.

What I’m basically trying to say and am doing so very badly, is that it would be cool and amazing if we advanced enough that we could live a second life in a computer simulation, but it wouldn’t get us any further ahead, we would still have to return to the lives that we know now and deal with the very real problems that we are already experiencing and not hide behind a fake world or fake accomplishments.

Plus I’d probably still get taxed even if it wasn’t a real world.

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