My Life as a Playlist Week 20

This might be incomplete, this might be a big pile of crap. Truth is today is my birthday, I’ve spent most of the day out with my family and now getting ready to go out with work friends and Aaron bowling. I have a very small window to write this and its been quite the dramatic week but I just don’t have time to figure out what songs would fit it so… I’m gonna try hard. And fast. It’ll fail no doubt.

Paradise – George Ezra

I’m in paradise whenever I’m with you
My mind (my mind)
My m-m-m-m-mind well, it’s a paradise whenever I’m with you
Ride on (ride on)
I will ride on down the road
I will find you, I will hold you, I’ll be there
It’s long (how long?)
It’s a mighty long road but
I’ll find you, I will hold you and I’ll be there

Honestly this might be the most vague and annoying Playlist ever but those lyrics kinda just hit home this week. Missed someone greatly for a long time, seeing them felt like paradise even though it probably isn’t and as always I carry on hope one day I’ll… Well you know.

None of this surprises any of you anymore does it?

Just a Day – Feeder

On the underground the freaks and frowns
Looking at the world through silver clouds
But then it all came down
I gotta rise above the emotional flood
Gotta cut these ropes around my hands
Pull myself around

Really just feels like my life right now. Emotionally I’m unstable and I need to cut the emotional ropes of my life and pull myself together before I can carry on. I’ve met someone I care about a lot but even though THAT situation is difficult for its own reasons I can’t go forward with that before I let go of this and I don’t want to let go of this because I’m so attached to it so that has turned into helping me through this and…. I hate my life.

Your Own Hell – Savage Hands

I can’t make them go away
All the little things that you just can’t let go
And I can’t ease your pain
Unless you tell me what it is that your heart can’t fathom
I’m not sure what to say
And I’m spitting out the words that I wish I’d swallow
But I’m still here to stay
So tell me what it is that you just can’t let go

Actually this song says all that about my two situations pretty well. The that situation is trying his best to help me not because he wants anything out of it but because he’s a friend whilst I can’t figure out anything about this situation that I’ve been in for nearly a year. Again I hate my life.

Love is for Losers – The Longshot

Honestly just for the title. Didn’t even read the lyrics though I did like the song in general but the title. Its just how I feel right now, trying to forget about life in general by putting on streamers and falling in love (not really before anyone says anything) with unattainable people. Love sucks. Life sucks. I hate both.



That is it. Sorry its short and all but I had a small window between getting home and going back out that I needed to also have a shower, get changed and do a few other bits and bobs.

Was going to do the Playlist this morning but then my sister came and took me up her house for the day to spend it with her and my nieces so it is what it is I’m afraid. I’ll see you all next week for more of me messing everything up.



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