Caligula : Looking forward doesn’t equal progress on its own. Understanding one’s situation is also an important step.

Episode 6

“Maemuki na dake ga zenshin to wa ienai. Jōkyō o shiru koto mo taisetsu na ichi ho da.” (前向きなだけが前進とは言えない。状況を知ることも大切な一歩だ。)

This episode is very much summed up in its title and yet the title is the only part of this episode that makes any sense whatsoever.

If you ever needed proof that good stories can be told in such terrible ways that the end product is a steaming pile of garbage then Caligula is your proof. I might use that if I ever get to the end and do a Final Thoughts blog on it.

Again we need to recap, we need to recap because nothing really makes any sense.

μ and Aria are two weird things that created Mobius to house humans who they had seen in the real world suffering. μ uses music to control (?) the people in Mobius.

Some people are able to “wake up” which basically means they remember the hardships in their life and see through the world that μ and Aria have created. Somewhere down the line Aria realised it was wrong to trap people in this world of happiness and helps them Awaken to the point she can magically poof weapons on them. This seems to be called the Catharsis Effect?

We have the Musicians who seem to be people who have awakened but decided they want to stay in Mobius and have some kind of influence on μ. They seem to be able to work with μ to turn what I gather is other unawakened people and make them Digiheads and attack those that try to disturb the peace. Not everyone turns into Digiheads some of them just have digitalised faces when all this happens or when the awakened look at them.

That I believe is what is going on.

To add to this in this episode we see that μ is fed up of people just not listening. The Musicians weren’t meant to be mean and the people in Mobius were meant to be there to be happy. She’s loses her temper and goes fuck things up just for Ritsu to go super over powered main character on her and beat her.

So what is wrong with this episode?

The same as every other one. None of it makes sense.

Every single thing that happens in this episode just happens for the sake of it. They basically go to war with the Musicians, slowly all of them open their powers and fight. They then get a look at big boss μ before the final, and most important member of the group, opens his powers without actually knowing WHY he’s in Mobius if he actually WANTS to leave Mobius or anything else but because he UNDERSTANDS the world he’s in isn’t one he thinks should exist he can awaken his power and beat μ. 

Nothing happened in a decent way in this episode.

They were all running away from random Musicians, OK maybe not random for all of them, and fighting them for no real reason. It hasn’t really progressed in a linear way at all, we went from a fun episode with them out in a amusement park to all out war. If you stayed beyond the credits you’ll know that it seems they think they’ll be able to just go back to school and start a school club and everything will be fine next episode. THE CITY IS IN RUINS AND THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT A SCHOOL CLUB!

I’m honestly only watching now because its car crash TV. I want to see if it actually ever has a episode that tells a consistent and non-confusing story. A episode that actually follows on in a believable way from the episode before, that doesn’t just have the group randomly end up together for the bants and that has a real actual point to it.

This episode, like the rest of the series, is just a mess.

Really confused how this is even a thing that people thought was a good idea.


One thought on “Caligula : Looking forward doesn’t equal progress on its own. Understanding one’s situation is also an important step.”

  1. They probably thought it was more clever than it was. Or they were trying to be clever but got lost along the way. That is usually how such messes eventuate. I’m behind on this series but planning to catch up. As you said, it is watching it just to see if it manages to sort itself out and maybe it will, but I’m betting not.

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