5 Things… With Eurovision done for another year here were my 5 favourite performances in this years competition!

So I said in the blog that I was going to do a 5 Things with my favourite performances from the 2018 Eurovision and here they are. Congratulations on Israel for winning!


Melovin went first and it was a explosive start to the show indeed. He had the whole vampire theme going on with him rising from the coffin, which turned out to be a piano and then ended with all the fire on the stairs.

The song was a little underwhelming when you just hear it and don’t see the performance but I still think it was a strong song, all of these songs I’ve listened to multiple times since Saturday and I just think it was a great song overall. Nothing special but nothing terrible either.

But it just SCREAMED Eurovision. It was flashy and funny which is what I want in Eurovision. I get that people view it as a true song competition and love the ballads and generic pop music but I like the acts that really get in your face and make a lasting impression and Melovin did just that.


Graham Norton said he was Germany’s answer to Ed Sheeran and he was right.

It was my favourite song of the night but it was nothing you really special. It was forgettable in a night of music that all could easily be on a top 10 weekly radio show. Performance wise he just sat there and sang which doesn’t stand out either but I just honestly loved the song so much I couldn’t leave it out.

The message was heartbreaking and he got that emotion over so much better then some others who were making political messages or singing love songs. It was raw and kept me hooked on his every word, I didn’t take my eyes off him the entire time he was on stage. It was a personal thing though and that was why it was one of my favourite performances too.


Like Germany, Italy came out with a very strong song that had me holding on to every word that was sung. I didn’t know what they were singing and the word art being shoved on the screen during the song wasn’t appreciated but it was such a powerful song and performed so well that I loved it so much.

It was a shame it didn’t do better as I think it was geniunely one of the stronger songs of the night and whilst it might not be remembered for much it was one of those emotional songs that if it touches you personally it’ll stick with you. Just like Germany.


I would have put it in first place if it wasn’t for the fact I liked Moldova’s song more then I liked Israel’s.

Performance wise they were both different, whacky and stood out. Netta is a joy to watch and her cheerfulness is catchy, I couldn’t help but watch the whole performance with a huge smile on my face. I mean its hard not to smile during the song in general.

Loved that Toy won as I think it was a fun song which did stick out over a lot of the normal pop songs. It got stuck in my head and still is right now.


Again it was pure Eurovision.

The song might not have been the best in the world but it was catchy, it was a fun performance, bizarre in its way but very well executed and it stood out in people’s minds.

I like it. I liked that it tried to be different, that it was cheeky and fun. I feel they knew that people would laugh at it and laughed along with the audience. It just oozed all those things that you tune into Eurovision for. Again I’m not one of those people who follow it religiously or even hears the songs before the night and I tune in to see wonderfully fun performances and have a laugh at things whilst getting songs stuck in my head.

Moldova might not have been the best of the night but performance wise its going to stick with me for years to come and has entered my own Eurovision Hall of Fame.



Eurovision is always fun to watch and I always enjoy the more crazy performances. This year was a good year and I’m happy that some unique acts were able to shine through, what were your favourite Eurovision moments from this year?

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