Week 20 : Why Can’t Everyone Be a Genius?

We have a scale to measure whether someone is a genius or not, the definition goes on about being exceptionally talented or gifted but to be honest why COULDN’T everyone be a genius?

If we have a definition that says that genius’s are people with one exceptional skill like a Mathematical Genius then why does that skill have to be academic?

For example my hero, Sir Terry Pratchett, spent over 20 years writing the Discworld series. As you should all know the Discworld series is based on a world in the shape of a disc on the back of four elephants who themselves stand on the back of a turtle, whilst there are many groups that he wrote about, the City Watch, the Witches, Rincewind etc, in the end he spent 20 years writing over 40 books and many side books about the same world, satirizing things from all over history and taking the world he created through a industrial revolution.

I hardly finish writing one tiny fan fic half the time, the man was bringing out two books a year since I was a kid.

If the definition of a genius is exceptional skill in a particular area of activity then Sir Terry Pratchett is a genius.

Following that state of thought then EVERYONE is highly skilled in something. Even if to them its mundane there is something everyone is better at then most other people. Like I don’t have a clue about fixing a engine, I can’t paint really nice paintings, I can barely string two words together but I might one day find a skill I’m really handy at. I also have a really high IQ, or at least did when I was younger, but never found a skill or subject I was particularly good at.

I don’t think IQ tests should count as a measurement of genius unless they change the definition to be only people who test high on IQ tests because at the end of the day they were created by humans to test for IQ. What do we know?

I mean we were the ones that defined genius the way we did then created tests that don’t really measure someone’s aptitude in every single skill out there. We’re a confusing bunch that likes to do things all over the place I guess.

Then again maybe not EVERYONE can be a genius. Maybe some people are just born to be OK at things and that is OK too but I think the word genius and its definition don’t really match up. Everyone has the abilities to be a genius as it is defined just by finding a single skill they are good at. Just because society means it means you have to be academically brilliant doesn’t make it so.


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