REACH Wrestling – Episode 1 Preview

Wrestling is back in Plymouth on July 8th with a new company REACH Wrestling. They will be bringing their show to you out of Plymouth School of Creative Arts and what a show they have waiting for you.


Anytime I’m talking about UK wrestlers who need to be in more promotions and have more exposure, home town hero Eddie Ryan and ridiculously talented Charlie Sterling are always two the names I mention. Happily they also have recently got a lot more exposure from the brief stint with 5 Star Wrestling which means more people are talking about them.

This is great because the reason they are the main event for REACH’s first show is that they are two of the top, most underrated, UK Talents you will find.

Honestly this match is going to be fun, its going to be hard hitting and its going to probably steal the show like a main event should. I don’t see Ryan losing in the first match for REACH then again who knows? Sterling is hilarious when he gets going and Ryan can do the comedy stuff when he has too.

I’ve seen the two do so much together in the past and its just a great match up every time you look at it. Its honestly one of the best main events they could have picked and it’ll be nice to see Sterling back down here after not seeing him for quite some time.

Whilst a few of the other matches have the potential to steal the show if I’m really honest with myself this is just going to be the best bit of wrestling you’ll see in Plymouth in general. Not many match ups will touch it and the two of them mix everything you want from wrestling into a tight and interesting package. If you haven’t made your mind up on going yet THIS MATCH should clinch your mind. If it doesn’t I’m not sure you really like wrestling.


This is a slightly different one.

Dick Riley is up there with Ryan and Sterling being guys who we’ve been lucky to have down here but who deserve so much better and so much more exposure. Huge fan of Riley who isn’t just one of the best in the ring but has a personality that you just can’t help but support.

On the other hand Grayson Reeves is a guy that went from strength to strength back a few years ago, whilst last time I saw him I wouldn’t say he was up there with those guys he was someone who very much could be and as its been nearly over a year I think since I saw him, maybe longer, it’ll be interesting to see where he is now compared to when I saw him last.

Honestly believe the match is going to be a highlight of the night. Riley works a much faster pace then the other big names on the card, Reeves can work to that pace but for me he’s the wildcard because I just haven’t seen him for so long. Like both of the guys though and with Grayson’s character building on Facebook and Riley just being a lovable guy in general I think it’ll be a fun, fast and exciting match.


Not seen much of Phillips, in fact all I’ve seen of Phillips is him in a Battle Royal for BLW so I can’t really make a good guess at what will happen in the match.

Personally I think we’ll see a dominant Andrews, he’s the bigger name and one that moving forward I think is going to be yoyo-ing from main event to higher on the card just because of his name and ability. By far the best big guy wrestler on the card, Ryan and Sterling aren’t bad don’t get me wrong but there is a reason why Andrews is called the Devon Powerhouse.

It won’t be a one way street, it’ll be interesting to see Phillips in a one-on-one competition and I think Andrews will have to watch his back purely because of the name Psycho Phillips.

Positive that it’ll be a decent match. If anything we’ll get to see one of the best drop kicks in the world from Andrews.


What can I say? Its a open challenge…

Guessing his opponent is kind of a pointless endeavor, depending on whether there is a relationship between them and CPW, which to be honest would be nice just story wise, it could be a recently rejected Adam Flint, other then that it could be just about anyone. I mean John Harding has yet to be announced for anything and you have to feel that he’d be coming to a show in his home town, UK Dominator, Tyler Hawke, PJ Jones… All names from down this way that aren’t linked to REACH yet but could be there…

It could be a complete surprise!

Personally don’t want to see anyone in the Battle Royal in the match but I’m also not sure how many people they are going to have in that match so it might have to be one of them.

What I can say is that the opening to this match is going to be entertainment gold. Jason King is the best on the mic down here, the only reason I don’t claim him the best anymore is because I’ve been introduced to Zack Gibson. Him gobbing off before his opponent comes down is going to be amazing to hear, he’ll probably do the chicken shit bad guy thing if its a big guy that comes out, I mean he did the pose off and everything with Muscle Cat in CPW so there is a chance he’ll do something like that.

You don’t know what he’ll do but you know it’ll be great.


Again I don’t know Brendan White or if I do then I don’t remember him. Beano I saw in one match when they had the free trial for Powerbomb.TV to see the first aired Chaos show on that channel and I was extremely impressed with him.

This is the wildcard match by far. It could be fantastic or it could be flat, half the reason it might be flat might purely be because I don’t know who they are so won’t be as invested in the match. Looking forward to it though.

One reason I think this is a great match is purely because its doing something that PWA didn’t do nearer the end enough, it is bringing in faces that are kind of new to the Plymouth scene. They are young and whether or not they hit right away its giving us something new instead of the same match or the same rotation of matches we’ve seen a lot.

Should be a fun match though. Beano is quite impressive.


I am not going into the people IN the Battle Royal right now, I’m going to do that at another time as they are still announcing people.


This will be my favourite thing in the world no matter what.


Some of the names that have been announced just makes me excited, I already have two guys in mind to win it because I love the stipulation and I so want it to go to a bad guy, a slimey annoying git that you can just hate but he reminds you every show that it doesn’t matter because he’s there for a year.


I do hope that it just doesn’t get over crowded and messy, with the men you have in it already I really think it’ll be something special. It won’t be in the running for match of the night but it might be one of the biggest moments of the night. Will talk more in depth about it at a later date when more names have been announced but with every name thrown in there my excitement levels just grow and grow.


So finally I want to lay down some things about my reviews and stuff with REACH.

Before PWA disappeared… Or at least before I could no longer go to PWA because of work and then they disappeared I was going to do a whole bunch of things which I will now do with REACH. Previews as soon as we have the majority of the card announced, predictions the night before, the review after the show as well as some 5 Things type blogs and other fun things between events.

I am not here to talk about who runs the company, which wrestlers have done what to fans at other shows or who has beef with who. I just like wrestling and I go to it because it makes me happy. PWA really was like a family to me and did a lot to help me and my anxiety so I’m very happy to see wrestling I can easily get to come back to Plymouth.

Don’t like the drama, don’t want to hear about it, don’t want it tweeted to me or messaged to me or anything else. If you have problems with someone…. Go to them?

I’m here to talk about the wrestling and with stars like Ryan, Sterling and Andrews on the card, with a Battle Royal with some of the best in the West Country, with up and coming stars being given a chance to shine I honestly don’t see why people are still moaning about a name, a logo, the fact that they don’t like the owners…

Chill out and enjoy the wrestling, that is what I’m going to do.

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