Eurovision 2018

We missed last year but we’re back for the finals of the 2018 Eurovision, the day Europe stands still and declares war on each other via song.

Or something like that.

Under the Ladder

Personally I liked the song even if I have no idea what he was singing about, it was a pretty bog standard song and nothing you wouldn’t hear on the radio.

What made it amazing was the performance, the rising out of the coffin which was also his piano, the fire on the stairs and the whole firework thing. It was a Eurovision spectacle.

Its easy for him to be my favourite when he was the only guy I’d seen so far.

Tu Cancion (Your Song)
Alfred and Amaia

Well they had two problems. Number one they came out after a fire laden opening, number two they are a real life couple of three months so you could see the puppy dog love there and for a old cynic it was sickening.

A nice love song, nothing special and the performance was sweet but you have to like that kinda thing and I prefer the big crazy stunts like Melovin. Decent use of the lights I guess but overall it just bored me a little.

THEN AGAIN my last two or three Eurovision’s I guess I should guess that this thing is more like Eurovision then what I like now.

Hvala, ne!
Lea Sirk

I mean it was good. I loved the beat and she’s got a nice voice but it also seemed really odd. I mean it was something you’d hear in night clubs but it felt like something was missing.

THEN half way through she stopped the music and made people sing along with her which was weird. Apparently she always does that but it was still pretty weird.

Yeah. Liked her pink hair though.

when we’re old

Really sweet song with some really nice graphics popping up in the background.

I might have scoffed at Spain but I honestly just really loved the song and emotionally it hit the right spot. She’s got such a beautiful voice and joined Ukraine as my favourite.

Got a bit cheesy at the end when a guy, that turned out to be her real husband, showed up at the end to hold her hand but… It worked and I really liked it. Norton said it might be forgotten being so early in the night which would be sad.

Nobody but you
Cesar Sampson

Found him generic and bland.

Nothing that will really make him stand out, even when he got off the stage and got closer to the crowd it was just boring.

Not really a song or performance that will stand out and be remembered.

La Forza
Elina Nechayeva

Her voice is just one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. The song was so lovely and I found myself nearly crying and I don’t know why, her voice just moved me.

Boy that dress though!

She mastered not having to move a single step by having one of the most visually amazing dresses you’ll ever see, they projected a bunch of just patterns and stuff on it and it was captivating.

The dress wins it for me!

That’s how you write a song
Alexander Rybak

I mean Graham Norton really didn’t sell the song right from the beginning saying it was poor.

Can’t really disagree, it wasn’t the best song in the world but it was catchy and different from most of what we’d heard already. Some nice moments.

It was the performance that stole it like Norton said. I mean I think it was better for us because we got to see the little animations on screen but it was just nice and then he got his violin out and I was sold.

I now know how to write a song too so educational as well.

O Jardim
Claudia Pascoal

Absolutely forgettable. Boring and bland.

I have nothing else to say about it. Just bored the hell out of me.

United Kingdom

It was a pretty decent song, not my cup of tea unfortunately so I found it a little boring.

Absolute respect for her though because she had someone come and grab the mic off her in the middle of the song, it was hardly like anything happened though and she got the mic back and picked it up again.

Deserves so much respect for that. Kinda hope she just wins because of it now.

Nova Deca
Sanja Ilic & Balkanika

Very forgettable. It had good music but the song itself was weak and the voices just didn’t touch you, the woman was OK but the guy might as well have not been there.

Stage wise it just wasn’t that interesting.

They had guys with drums and it was cool but they focused on the four singers just slowly walking around the stage.

You let me walk alone
Michael Schulte

Norton had said he was Germany’s answer to Ed Sheeran and he was.

Very Sheeran-esque song so I liked it because I like a bit of Ed, really sweet and touching song too about his dad.

This is my song to win. Can’t help it but I did cry because it was so sweet. The guy really is a superstar, I hope I hear more of him from now on.

Eugent Bushpepa

Another really sweet song. Nothing really special about it but I really enjoyed it. Kinda soft rock feel to it which was nice and the singer had a lovely voice.

Loved that the guitarist kind of looked like the Germany singer.

If I hadn’t just seen Germany I would probably have this as a favourite, as it is he’s my second favourite.

Madame Monsieur

Strong song from France, very well performed. A political statement about the refugee crisis, very subtle performance the two in all black and nothing that fancy going on.

It was kinda generic sounding but you kinda just loved her voice.

Not in my top 5 but a good contender I think. It kind of hits all those spots that the general audience are looking for. Though they would never get my vote just for the red shoes to be honest.

Czech Republic
Lie to Me
Mikolas Josef

I mean I didn’t like the song much but the song sticks out. It is something you can’t forget in a night full of pop songs and love songs.

Really didn’t expect it either because he’s dressed up like a nerd and even danced like one but was… I don’t know.

The bum wiggling won me over. There was even a dab.

Higher Ground

It was a pop song with a Viking emo band. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean you looked at them and thought you’d get something completely different then there was a pop song THEN there was some really bad dad marching, yes dad dance marching is now a thing.

Liked the song though it just felt real weird hearing it come from the group it was coming from. They had really lovely voices though. Such a weird performance to watch.

There was also snow. Yes it snowed. They have to win.

We got love
Jessica Mauboy

Apparently one of the favourites.

I can see why too its just a generic pop song with the normal dancing. It bored me and there are better generic pop songs on the show already.

Apparently she is very likable though which didn’t come across to me.

Some impressive fireworks near the end though.

Saara Alto

Don’t really have anything to say about it. I really didn’t like it but I didn’t dislike it either it just ended up being background noise and I found myself checking my phone at stupid SnapChat’s that Anna had sent me.

I mean they said she’d been on X Factor and that did not surprise me.

Again just generic boring song.


Real interesting song. I don’t know what it was but I really liked it.

I mean as a whole the group you didn’t want to take your eyes off of them, they were a weird collection which worked to their advantage.

Very catchy and had a good spot as well. Think it could do very well.

My lucky day

Right from the beginning it was just my type of thing. It had a nice beat and looked like the performers had decided to have fun.

Loved the big screen thing and whilst the singing didn’t live up to the upbeat song I just enjoyed it a hell of a lot.

Left me with a huge smile on my face.

Honestly would get my vote if it wasn’t for Vikings, Ed Sheeran’s baby and Vampire dude.

Dance you off
Benjamin Ingrosso

I don’t know what it was but I can’t tell if I hated it or loved it.

Like it was like he’d seen all these big super stars and their music videos and tried to do that on stage but he just came across as a cringy kid doing it at a school disco…

Saying that the song was catchy, again something you hear in the pubs all the time but one of those songs that you actually try to dance to even though you can’t dance.

Viszlat Nyar

I really wanted to like them especially as Norton had basically slated them for being loud. Like Eurovision can’t have a metal band play in it. God forbids we have something other then generic pop music.

Unfortunately I didn’t like the singer and whilst the actual song sounded pretty good he just wasn’t a strong singer. I mean it wasn’t terrible and there were some moments that were great.

Nice use of fire too, proper rock feel too it and OK I did like it overall. I can’t hide it. I enjoyed it. Specially the guitarist  that ended up crowd surfing.

Plus props to the singer for screaming and running all at once.

Netta Barzilai

I have no idea what I listened to but I think she should win I think it was catchy, fun and just crazy.

Really enjoyed the whole performance but also it was a unique sounding. The noises she made was great and to be honest it was a cool message too.

She was lovely. Nothing is going to beat her.

Outlaw in ’em

Country rock song?

Yes please!

What a wonderful song it was too, I really enjoyed it. A personal favourite of mine of all time. Not sure about what he was wearing though or whatever it was that the guitarists were being allowed to do in the song… Think it was meant to be pretending to show the outlaw in them but just looked a little weird.

Brilliant song other then the karate kid moments.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

It was a really sweet song. Like just a lovely song.

I get that I say things are generic when I don’t like them but I think this guy just stood out, so whilst the song was a generic pop song the singer himself wasn’t and then they had the two dancers who were amazing and even got to share some of Norway’s snow.

He was such a sweet guy too. Very lucky to be at the end too because it is one that could be forgotten about but I think it’s going to do well.

Eleni Foureira

Killed the ending momentum for me. Its been good for a few songs but this was back to just boring.

Nothing we haven’t heard 100 times tonight, other then her pretty outfit she didn’t stand out either and other then feeling we were watching a Beyoncé music video nothing special.

Pretty sure I’d heard the music played in a club as well, not this song but some of the chorus music.

Non mi avete fatto niente
(You haven’t done anything to me)
Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro

Apparently it was a dance against fear, a statement after the Manchester bombings.

Personally I think it was a really good song, really enjoyed listening to it and ended the night off really well. Hoping they do well but there are many more songs on the show that I think people will prefer.

Shame though as it was good.




So yeah I’ll have a 5 Things… blog out on Thursday with my top 5 but till then enjoy the rest of the night and I hope your favourite wins!

Also good luck to the UK! She did not deserve having someone jump on stage and do what they did. Not my favourite but I hope she does really well.


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