Caligula : Everyone gets hurt. But those who don’t realise they’re hurting can’t be healed.

Episode 5

“Dare de mo kizutsuku koto wa aru. Da ga, kizutsuite iru koto ni kizukanai mono wa iyasarenai.” (誰でも傷つくことはある。だが、傷ついていることに気付かない者は癒やされない。)

Before we start on episode 5.

We are in a place called Mobius, it was created by μ and Aria for people they found online who were hurting to make them happy. Something happened and now there are Musicians that are forcing people who are “waking up” from this world to be re-brainwashed to keep the place a happy place.

We have a group of kids who have “woken up” for different reasons.

There has been 0 character development other then with Suzuna and kind of Mifue. Everything is extremely two dimensional and extremely confusing…

Then we get this episode where we go from fighting some random doll guy, getting chased by “digiheads” and basically having to watch our backs every two seconds because death and/or brainwashing is about to be forced on us to going to a amusement park to hang out.

Stupidly the two characters you might have some interest in, Mifue and Suzuna, don’t want to go, neither does Shogo who might not have really developed much but is still a interesting character. Instead we continue just to have a whole bunch of confusing things happening for no real reason.

Funnily enough they’ve gone to the hang out of Mirei, one of the Musicians, she uses the amusement park to brainwash guys that are close to being awakened but fulfilling their need for love. The girls are basically escorts in a way, being forced to vet out guys and take them into the back to brainwash them. Just so happens that this time out Kotono, one of the girls, starts to awaken herself and gets a whole bunch of character development that Ritsu just doesn’t seem capable of having.

So there is one thing I hated about the episode, one thing I thought was stupid and one good thing.

The good thing was Kotono, as I said we got some real character development even if this was the first time we saw her, much like Suzuna last episode it was just a episode about her. We learn that she was in a abusive relationship and its why she’s been picked for Mobius but it doesn’t matter to her, when she finally wakes up she just wants to return to the boy she loves.

Its weird I guess but I’m not going to complain at this point about any character getting development because boy do they need it. She instantly opens her heart to become a weapon though which was interesting.

What I thought stupid was just the jumping from moment to moment. As I said we’ve gone from living a dangerous life to doing normal teenage activities, there is even a bit at the end where we go from seeing Ritsu standing with Arina and Kotaro to him being tied up in a chair with no explanation.

I mean sure it can be explained away that they aren’t in reality, they are in some kind of virtual world but THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Nothing has ever really been explained in a good enough way to let something this stupid seem OK. It was just another random jump.

Ritsu is the bit I hated.

Whilst I can forgive sloppy story telling, I can forgive stupid jumps around the place I can’t forgive the main character being this bad. I’ve said it about Ren in Persona 5, they haven’t injected any personality to Ren from the game and just kept him a blank character. It doesn’t work for Persona 5 but at least he’s just in the background most of the time letting the other characters take the majority of the story telling.

Ritsu does have a personality but its basically him talking a load of bollocks. Things just happen to him and he seems to continue to talk bollocks. From the moment we met him to now he’s spent most of his time speaking bollocks. Then he’ll have moments like he went to talk to Kotono, she called him a middle grader, he got upset and went off to sulk then ended up talking bollocks in a boat with two girls.

Again you can say its because he’s still waking up, he hasn’t truly or at least for us to see, found what it was he was hiding from in the real world so he’s still on the brink of opening his heart and being brainwashed.




At this point we’re nearly half way through and I have a small idea of what we are aiming for. We have no idea how they are going about it and whilst we have some good episodes showing how all the female characters have ended up in Mobius (Mifue’s fat thing, Suzuna being alone and Kotono being in a bad relationship) the boys just make no sense. Shogo had already woken up, Ritsu we’ve seen bits and bobs of but he just seems to exist to talk bollocks and as for Kotaro…. I mean he’s way too happy to be depressed in any way, we’ve seen no real indication of him even being upset at being in Mobius, it makes no sense.

My expectations have been lowered once more.

It wasn’t even a good episode.


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